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2019-06-16: free Accordion Noir stage at Car-Free Main Street festival!

May 23, 2019
(Photo: Joana Reis, Accordion Noir stage at Car-Free Main 2018.)
We did it once. We did it twice! By popular demand… we were required to come back a third time. (Further appearances beyond three might be gratuitous, but we will be happy to indulge.) We’re pleased to announce the lineup for our third year presenting a squeezy live music stage at the Car-Free Main Street festival! The stage will be running for the entire duration of the fest on Sunday, June 16th, starting at noon and wrapping at 7 pm from our little stage… OK, folding tent, on the west side of the intersection of Main Street at 21st Avenue.
Some of the performers you will have enjoyed hearing at last year’s Accordion Noir Festival. For others this may serve as a sneak preview of their appearance at this fall’s upcoming fest! Still others are just jolly accordion weirdos. All of them are grand!
* noon-1 pm: melodies from around the world with the Squeezebox Circle Orchestra,
* 1-2 pm: Swampy bluegrass with the Spillionaires
* 2-3 pm: the Mash Kook Orkestra, playing a collection of folk songs from the Black Caspian sea
* 3-4 pm: Stupid Accordion Tricks with Rowan brings the viral YouTube sensation to life!
* 4-5 pm: buttons + strings in solidarity with Double Rainbow‘s accordion & banjo
* 5-6 pm: Norse power folk by Wolfbrood
* 6-7 pm: and no one can beat the Argyle Embargo at queercoastal indie folk-rock!
… aaaand that’s a wrap!
Nuvo Zydeco give their regards! Circumstances required them to back out, but you can still catch them the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Cheese Inn (4585 Dunbar).

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