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Requesting Accordion Revolution at Your Library

December 31, 2019

I encourage you to Request Accordion Revolution at local and academic Libraries. Most Libraries appreciate requests and have easy request forms on their websites. Simply search online for “Request a book, your library name,” and fill it out.

Photo of books on bookshelf: Includes Accordion Revolution, and a dozen other books referenced in my bibliography. Including: See You At the Hall, Puro Conjunto, The Quest of the Folk, Musica Norteña, The Accordion in the Americas, Musicians Traditionnels du Québec

Suggesting books is a wonderful way to support authors and get books in the hands of more readers:

You’ll probably only need a few of the following:

Title: Accordion Revolution: A People’s History of the Accordion From the Industrial Revolution to Rock and Roll

Author: Bruce Triggs

ISBN: 978-1-9990677-0-0

ISBN eBook: 978-1-9990677-1-7

Publication Date: June 2019

Publisher: Demian & Sons

Place of Publication: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Curious about ebook sales to people or libraries? For every $10 copy, I make $6. Not bad 🪗

Excerpt from the Accordion Revolution ebook. Text: “The Scholars of Squeeze
Especial Thanks To
Jared Snyder, who has made the old pre-blues African American accordion one of the most well-researched forgotten traditions in American music. The Highlander Center in Tennessee, which suffered a terrible fire as this book went to press. Their archive provided the photo of Zilphia Horton included in Chapter 15. This history is so important, and so fragile. Please support them: And my unofficial research assistants, the Vancouver Public Library, with the miraculous international Inter-Library Loan system.”

Tell them it’s fancily-designed, affordable, and credits librarians as research assistants 📚 👀

Photo of an ebook reader showing a chapter-title page with lettering like and old poster. Text: "Accordion Revolution, Part Four, American Wheeze: An alternative pre-history of rock."

Thank your librarian for me!

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