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2020-06-21: Virtual Accordion Noir stage for Car-Free Main Street this Sunday!

June 21, 2020

103270751_10163676529895055_1657192607469103206_oFor three years the Main Street chapter of the Car-Free Vancouver Festival have invited us to present a stage of live accordion music to the unaware pedestrian masses at their annual event, and for three years we have knocked it out of the park.  2020 was supposed to be no different.  A little worldwide pandemic derailed all plans for local public gatherings, but it takes more than a little coronavirus to hold back the accordion!

So our Plan B, a virtual, online stage, will be small, glowing and rectangular; we won’t be powered by a solar panel, you prrrrobably won’t be sitting on Astroturf and you’re on your own for sourcing cotton candy, but we’re still taking advantage of the opportunity to serve you up a great program of sweet accordionic content.  Typically we drew on local performers because they were who we had available, but because all distances are equal in the face of the Internet, we thought it would be fun to deliver you performers from all across this wide land.

Our streaming video program, aspirationally served up via our YouTube and Facebook pages ( — and possibly through our other Twitter and Instagram social media outlets, if we can figure out that simulcast!) will take place during the same time when the festival had been planned to occur, starting at noon this Sunday, June 21st.

  • Noon: We’ll open close to home, featuring a set by longtime East Vancouver accordion friend, Dawn Zoe.
  • 1 pm: Next, we take a virtual visit across the Salish Sea to enjoy a set of songs in Victoria by Tower of Dudes, with whom we’d hoped to launch a Vancouver Island chapter of the Accordion Noir Festival this year.  2021 it is, then!
  • 2 pm: Then over the Rockies we go, to enjoy an extraordinary exclusively-accordion set of music by acclaimed songwriter Maria Dunn!
  • 3 pm: We’re not done with the Prairies yet, next moving on to Manitoba’s daughter Ingrid Gatin, longtime sweetheart of our Pleasing Squeezing concert series.
  • 4 pm: Melodona drops some science on us all the way from Montreal with an updated version of her 2016 accordion history and maintenance presentation, back by popular demand!
  • 5 pm: Sam “Story” Wight opened our festival’s mainstage in 2009 and hasn’t returned from PEI for an encore for a decade!  Coast to coast is a long way to travel, however it is but a brief hop for a video stream!
  • 6 pm: “Coast to coast” in Canada isn’t completed until it resolves with a final: “to coast.”  We don’t often get a chance to represent the North at our events, but the extraordinary circumstances of this event gave us a great opportunity to tap one of the great talents of Nunavut, Simeonie Keenainak, allowing us to play out the end of National Indigenous Peoples Day in style.

This is our first venture into the wild and woolly world of streaming video and the logistics involved are … obtuse and formidable, so please bear with us if there are speed bumps or other so-called “road surprises” ahead in our foray.  Sometimes there are also late-breaking changes when music is performed live and in person!  But the one thing for sure is that whatever happens, there’ll be plenty of accordion music and good fun, so thanks for joining us on this grand online experiment!  We just might continue further down this avenue for this autumn’s instalment of the annual Accordion Noir Festival… but one thing at a time.

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