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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2009-05-08: el Ocho de Mayo with Debra Peters

May 27, 2019
AccNoir 2009-05-08


Ten years and a couple of weeks ago, Bruce was visited live in the CFRO radio studios by seasoned accordion veteran Debra Peters along with her musical accomplice Jhan Dudley.  There they shared some tunes, canned and live.  At its original online home, this episode (number 128) accumulated some 11018 listens, and we hope that it someday meets or surpasses that total at its new home over at the Internet Archive, where you can listen to it today and (hopefully) forever.  Here’s its playlist:

Accordion Noir: Playlist: May 8th, 2009: El Ocho de Mayo! With Debra Peters and Jhan Dudley.

Artist — Song – Album (Date) – sources?

* Valerio Longoria – El Caballo Viejo – ¡Conjunto! Tex-Mex Border Music, Vol. 3
* Chachos – Dicen Que Los Ojos Negros Nunca Engañan – ¡Conjunto! Tex-Mex Border Music, Vol. 3
* Steve Jordan – Canto Al Pueblo – 20 Golden Hits – Here’s a nice article:
* Debra Peters and Jhan Dudley (live in the Accordion Noir studio!) – ¿Hey Baby, Que Pasó?
* Valerio Longoria – Mi General Pancho Villa – ¡Conjunto! Tex-Mex Border Music, Vol. 3
* Tony De La Rosa – El Chalaquite – ¡Conjunto! Tex-Mex Border Music, Vol. 3
* John Otis – GlobalPost – Becoming an accordion king – Colombia – (2009)
* Debra Peters and Jhan Dudley (Live!) – Waltz Across Texas
* Don Santiago Jimenez – Evangelina Polka
* Alejandro Diaz Jr. – Nobody Knows – Bruta
* DEB & ALEX – (from a guest-show on radio KUT with John Aeilli, 2009.)
* Debra Peters and Jhan Dudley (Live and furthering!) – Further on Down the Line
* Geoff Berner (watch out for him saying “fuck”) – Official Theme Song for the 2010 Vancouver Whistler Olympic Games (The Dead Children Were Worth It!) (Gordy Story Election-edit) – Live at the Night of 1000 Buttons, Railway Club, Vancouver, BC (2008) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –

Debra Peters has CD’s and instructional DVDs you maybe should check out:

This episode’s cover is: a hot red and white Gabbanelli, the prettiest accordions in North America! Play with their fun “accordion” menu and look at all the coloured squeezeboxes.


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