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Your Favorite Accordionists Say:

December 5, 2019

A rollicking journey that enhances the joy of the instrument I hold in my arms every night!

Jenny Conlee, The Decemberists
Animated graphic of an accordion in front of a red heart, with moving flames. Tiny text below, "Accordion Revolution"

Bruce Triggs gives the accordion the scholarship it deserves, demonstrating its overlooked, yet important impact on our music history.

Krist Novoselić, Giants in the Trees, Nirvana
accordion with flames spilling out where the bellows would be

Given the general, pretty much universal level of mockery of the accordion, this a book that I never thought I’d see written. Well done.

James Fearnley, The Pogues, The Walker Roaders

I’ve played accordion in 17 countries, and if there’s anybody who knows more about accordions and their history than Bruce, I’ve never met them.

Geoff Berner, novelist, singer, songwriter and klezmer punk accordionist.

“Accordion Revolution is an inspirational guide to the accordion’s deep and shadowy past.”

Skyler Fell, Accordion Apocalypse Repair Shop
Jason Webley graphic (from a t-shirt) of a cartoon Jason with a skeleton head and wings, playing accordion while flying

Triggs is the closest I’ve known to a human encyclopedia of all things accordion. He’s been slaving on this book for as long as I’ve known him, and I’m very excited to see it’s finally coming into existence.

Jason Webley, songwriter, vagabond, cult leader, eater of artichokes.

A worthy redemption for an instrument that has always been far more beautiful and complicated than its reputation might have you believe.

Brooke Binkowski, Accordionist / Award-Winning Media Fact-Checker

The most extensive research into accordion music across all genres that I know of. Triggs has painstakingly unearthed details but made it accessible to everyone. If you love music, check this out.

Alex Meixner, polka’s ambassador for the new millennium,
“Happiness is a Choice.”

I give it five out of five bellows-shakes.

Renee de la Prade, Producer,
Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar
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