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Accordion Revolution: Buying the Book

December 5, 2019

Purchasing Options (for Every Reader)

(If you leave reviews at any of these shops and libraries it really helps!)

Animated graphic of an accordion in front of a red heart, with moving flames. Tiny text below, "Accordion Revolution"

The AccordionBruce Etsy Shop

I personally send out signed/custom-stamped copies of Accordion Revolution, along with a bonus ebook and stickers and pretty illustrated postcard/bookmark/fliers.

Cost is a bit more with postage but supports the author (me) more than other purchasing methods. Also available: flaming accordion pins and amusing badges.

Ordering the Print Book:

I very much encourage people to ask if their local bookstores or accordion/music shops can order you a copy.
And I love hearing when people request that their library get a copy. 📚🥰

In the U.S. I recommend: lets you order online with some profits going to local bookshops. Their companion site will also recommend local independant bookstores where you can buy the book directly. Pretty cool, but buying from local shops is still probably better.

Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon has online service to your door. connects you with a network of local booksellers. has a great list of US (and Canadian) indy bookstores along with other resources for writers and readers.

Barnes & Nobel will special order the book is a popular Amazon subsidiary that lets you leave reviews of what you thought of the book. If you’re interested, I created an Accordion History bibliography on Goodreads that includes many of the books used while writing Accordion Revolution

Search through various options on which includes Amazon’s online Monopoly if there’s no alternative.

A stack of four copies of Accordion Revolution, on a woodgrain background

Internationally (Let us know your favorites): is a global alternative to Amazon. They’ll post anywhere. Pretty cool. (It says “currently unavailable” but that means they’ll order it 🤷🏼‍♀️)

In Canada:

Here’s’s list of Canadian bookstores (that I’d like to visit). Or you can order online from them.

Penguin has this fine list of Canadian bookstores who may be able to order the book. has another great list of Canadian (and US) indy bookstores, and other resources for writers and readers.

In Europe:

In Northern Europe and much of the world: Adlibris,com

In the Netherlands and Belgium folks have ordered from:

In the UK: (UK local bookstore network. Says “Out of Stock” but they inform me that means it’s not in shops, but they’ll mail it to you right away. (an Amazon subsidiary.)

In Australia: has the book.

Convenient and Affordable Accordion Revolution ebook!

Curious about ebook sales? For every $10 copy, I make $6. Not bad. 🪗 Many shops above carry the ebook, or purchase directly from:

ePub (everywhere but kindle)

Kindle (Amazon)

  • Photo of an ebook reader with Accordion Revolution text
  • Accordion Revolution book cover
A stack of books (photo of my bookshelf turned vertically)
Includes Accordion Revolution, and a dozen other books referenced in my bibliography.

Including: See You At the Hall, Puro Conjunto, The Quest of the Folk, Musica Norteña, The Accordion in the Americas, Musicians Traditionnels du Québec

Request that Your Local Libraries Order Copies!

Finally, I encourage you to Request the Book at your local and academic Libraries. Most Libraries appreciate requests and have easy online request forms. Simply search online for “Request a book, your library name,” and fill it out.

Suggesting books is a wonderful way to support authors and get books in the hands of more readers:

You’ll probably only need a few of the following:

Title: Accordion Revolution: A People’s History of the Accordion From the Industrial Revolution to Rock and Roll

Author: Bruce Triggs

ISBN: 978-1-9990677-0-0

ISBN eBook: 978-1-9990677-1-7

Publication Date: June 2019

Publisher: Demian & Sons Publications

Place of Publication: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Please thank your librarian for me!

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