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Accordion Noir Festival Fundraiser Ringtone Album!

November 30, 2016

[Edited Sept 07, 2022: some of the links for this 2016 fundraiser are broken, but email us if you’d like to donate to Accordion Noir Radio show, and our operators may be able to connect you with  some ringtones. ❤️‍🔥🪗 Bruce]

Support the Accordion Noir Festival this season by sharing our premier Accordion Noir Ringtone Album! Your favourite Festival artists have donated a stack of cellphone ringtones so you can have Accordion Noir in your pocket all year long!

The Creaking Planks can help if you’re planning to interrupt a boring meeting. Miss Murgatroid‘s electronic accordion feedback will definitely wake you up in the morning. Schedule Jack Garton or Geoff Berner to liven up boring moments at the movie theatre. Even organize a flash-mob to join in at your next accordion concert! Carefully choose your phone’s personal squeezebox anthem by Wendy McNeill, Scott Dunbar, Barbara Adler, Katheryn Peterson, or try out Andy Fielding’s Accordion Noir Theme.

How it works: Send the Accordion Noir Society (sponsor of the Festival) a donation (you decide how much… $5, $20, $500?) and we will send you an epic eight-minute album filled with custom-made ringtones by some of your favorite Accordion Noir Artists. You can read about individual artists and preview tracks here.

Our campaign runs throughout December and we are aiming to raise $3000 to pay for our charitable status application and related set up costs. Your donation to this project will help make future Accordion Noir Festivals possible in a very real way.

  • Donate to the Accordion Noir Festival by PayPal here
  • Interac E-Transfer via our email
  • Real-World Donations can also be sent to: Accordion Noir Society #1 – 139 West 11th Ave, Van BC V5Y 1S8, cheques payable to Accordion Noir Society.

When you’re ready to rock your Ringtones, here’s some instructions:

Donate to support the Accordion Noir Festival! (Feels great so far. What’s next?)

Ringtones should be emailed to you (with these instructions). Click to open the zipped folder to access the different formats for different phones.

You need a file browser app to move the .ogg or .mp3 ringtone files into the Ringtones and/or Notifications folders. May then require a reboot of your phone.
Lots of instructions out there like:

Drag the .m4r format ringtones into iTunes. Sync phone. Should be available.
Trouble with iPhone?

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