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Accordion Noir Radio Playlist 2016-11-30, Pauline Oliveros Tribute (with Soundscape Radio)

December 1, 2016

unknown-2In memoriam for Pauline Oliveros who died this week. A pioneer in electronic music since the 1960’s, boundary-breaking experimental accordionists, and a woman and a lesbian in a field dominated by men. We’ll miss her dearly.


I was proud to interview Oliveros and talk about her history with the accordion when she visited Vancouver in 2008. We include a few samples during tonight’s special two-hour broadcast collaboration between Accordion Noir and Co-op Radio’s Soundscape sound-art program (co-hosting with Brady Marks). Oliveros created a link between our disparate programs and it felt good to share this tribute.

This two-hour episode can be downloaded as digital audio courtesy of the Internet Archive.  And now, the playlist:

* Pauline Oliveros and Andrew Deutsch – Water Birds – Springs (1999) –

* Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Panaiotis. – Suiren – Deep Listening (1989) – Some of Pauline’s many recordings are available at:

* Pauline Oliveros – Pauline Oliveros (because of my accordion) – Pauline Oliveros Interview (2008)

* Pauline Oliveros – bye bye butterfly – Electronic Works (1965)

r-4697089-1375336551-3827-jpeg* Palmer-Hughes Trio (USA) – Prelude To L’Enfant Prodigue (C. Debussy) – Planet Squeezebox (Disc 1) (1953) – (I wish I had this whole album from ’53.)

* Pauline Oliveros – The Beauty Of Sorrow (Excerpt) – Planet Squeezebox (Disc 2) (1995)

* Pauline Oliveros (just intonation) – Pauline Oliveros Interview (2008)

* D. Raylene Campbell – November Drone (2001) – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  – “Structured improv with accordion and quadraverb…. exploring the harmonics of this beautiful freebass.”

suspended-music* Deep Listening Band & the Long String Instrument – Epigraphs In The Time Of AIDS – Suspended Music (1997)

* Pauline Oliveros and Reynolds – We Are Still Thinking About The Title… – Pauline Oliveros In The Arms Of Reynols (2000) – USA / Argentina –

* Pauline Oliveros – I Of IV – Electronic Works (1966)

po-cd-21* Pauline Oliveros – Horse Sings From Cloud – The Wanderer (1984)

* Pauline Oliveros – Pauline Oliveros (Intelligent System) – Pauline Oliveros Interview (2016)

* LaSaM – Tina Pearson – Tectonach – Sonic Whisper Concert – Victoria, BC, Canada – Chris Reiche (Yamaha DX7), Kristy Farkas (grand piano) and Tina Pearson (accordion, voice) in concert November, 2008 in Victoria, BC. Recorded by Mario Milat.

We finished with a fragment of Tina Pearson and LaSaM‘s Tectonach. I’m encouraged that artists like Tina and Raylene Campbell are carrying on Pauline’s work. You can hear Pearson’s whole performance here:


And for more by Raylene Campbell may we recommend her: August Experiments.

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