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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2016-12-07: the First Ten Years

December 15, 2016

And a happy 10th birthday to Accordion Noir Radio! We’ve been talking up milestones — our 500th episode, our 10th anniversary cabaret, and now here it actually was: the tenth anniversary of the first time we went on the air. (And, because life is complicated, here it is up online a bit over a week later.) The episode, which looks back a decade at the very first song we ever tried (unsuccessfully) to play on the radio during our very first episode ever, also looks back a week or so at some highlights from our 10th anniversary concert. Here it is as a downloadable mp3 served up via the Internet Archive!  And to enhance your enjoyment of the radio program, here’s its complete playlist:

Vancouver Squeezebox Circle – Accordion Noir Theme (Accordion Noir Radio 10th Anniversary Concert)
Linton Quesi Johnson – Dubbing for Life (the first song we ever aired on our first-ever episode… finally, playing correctly!)
Rowan Lipkovits – Gena Krokodil’s birthday song (Accordion Noir Radio 10th Anniversary Concert)
Dawn Zoe’s duet with Suzie (Accordion Noir Radio 10th Anniversary Concert)
Super Subtle Folk Song – Geoff Berner
Barbara Adler – Moon (Accordion Noir Radio 10th Anniversary Concert)
Barbara Adler – Black Hat
Beaux Accords Diron – Traumatisme Felin
Ana Bon Bon – Bubble Time (Accordion Noir Radio 10th Anniversary Concert)
DSD – The New Old

Phew! Of course, though our radio program airs but once a week, we’re all rocking the squeezebox beat around the clock 24/7 on social media. Keep up with us, if you can — on Twitter as @AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce, on Instagram at @AccordionNoirFest, and on Facebook, with the Accordion Noir fans, the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle, and the Accordion Noir Festival! (Our MySpace account was a marvel and a thing of beauty for its time, but sadly it’s just not of much use to anyone anymore.)

And one final note to reassure people that we’re still accepting covers of our radio program’s theme song — the more, the merrier! — so please don’t be afraid to send one in!

Cheers & squeeze on!

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