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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2011-04-13: Fund-raiser the 13th!

April 19, 2021
AccNoir 2011-04-13

i like frankie.jpg

From ten years ago, here’s episode 226 of CFRO Co-Op Community Radio’s weekly hour-long Accordion Noir radio broadcast.  There’s not particular theme that I can see to this episode, but I gather we were promoting our parent radio station’s annual Spring member drive just as we are today — it’s simply that time of year!  At its original online home this episode tracked some 9864 listens, and at its new forever home courtesy of the Internet Archive studious accordion listeners can continue enjoying it indefinitely into the future.  Here’s its playlist:

AccNoir-2011-04-13, Fund-raiser the 13th!

* Artist – Song – Album (year) – Where are they from? – Contact info if we’ve got it.
* Tres – D’ – S-Tres (2003) – Belgium –
* Conjunto Bernal – Fidel Castro Polka – Mi Unico Camino (0) – Texas, usa –
* Quintet Johnny Meyer – I Got Rhythm – Squeeze Me 3: 1943-53 Rebop Continental (The Jazz and Swing Accordion Story) (1947) – The Netherlands –
* Rattlesnake Choir – Halls of Folsom – Walkin’ the Wire (2011) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – www.
* Walter Ostanek – Glass Slipper Polka – I Like Frankie Yankovic (0) – Canada –
* Clifton Chenier and his Red Hot Louisiana Band – In the Mood – I’m Here! (1982) – Recorded at Studio In The Country, Bogalusa, Louisiana –
* Cirque Éloize – Tre sphere – Nomade (0) – Montréal, Québec, Canada – Sonia Painchaud, acc.
* Ζωή Τηγανούρια / Zoe Tiganouria – Corsica – Tanguera (2006) – Athens, Greece –
* Quinn & Qristina Bachand – Rights Of Man / Cup Of Tea / Rakish Paddy / Tripping Up The Stairs – Family (2011) – Victoria, BC, Canada – (Adrian Dolan, acc)
* Tony Murena – Christopher Colombus – Accordeon 1913-1941 (Disc 1) (1941) – –
* Juliette Daum – Chaconne La Naissance – Juliette’s Bachs of Truffles (2007) – France/Wisconsin –
* The Groanbox Boys – Mount Pleasant Rooftop (at Dusk) – Smokestack Trilogy (2006) – London, England – (with Michael Ward-Bergeman)

And for the cover image? How about, “I Like Frankie Yankovic,” a subtle message from Walter Ostenek.


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