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Accordion Revolution Video Book, Preface, pg 1-3 (Remastered!)

March 25, 2020

Accordion historian Bruce Triggs here, figuring I’d read my book Accordion Revolution aloud since we’re all sitting around home (Corona Virus 2020) and I’ve been wanting to do an audio book eventually. Consider this a preview, with lots of mistakes, especially when I start mispronouncing names (subscribe and laugh at future chapters)! If you have corrections or suggestions, let me know. (Note that if I do a polished version I’m going to hire native speakers to coach me on their languages.)

The book is available in print and ebook formats at

I’m offering this somewhat ridiculous public reading to keep busy while we #StayHome. I hope it’s amusing, maybe helps people sleep 😴, or inspires you to do something legitimately productive. And honestly, if I get to finish it, we may have successfully overcome this crisis. 🙏🏽

I’m 52 with asthma, so if I get sick I might die. If you hang out with me in person, you might die too or get permanent lung damage while making other people sick. Let’s not get sick and die from not taking this disease seriously. 😷

So join the Accordion Revolution, read along if you’ve got a copy (the eBook is on sale for $1 until April!), and keep breathing. Add jokes about accordion bellows and ventilators in the comments. Hope they stay funny.

If we work together: We’ll all see the #AccordionEmoji 🪗 I worked pretty hard to get approved last year. It’s not on phones as I write this in March. But if you see it here 🪗, I hope you’re doing alright.

If you’re not tired of me yakkin’, I of course also co-host the weekly Accordion Noir Radio show broadcast on CFRO Co-op Radio, 100.5 FM in Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Available online and as a podcast on Apple or Android with playlists shared right on this blog.

Thanks all 😍


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