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ACCORDION REVOLUTION: West Coast Book Launch Road Show (Aug 10-19)

August 6, 2019
Banner with "Accordion Revolution: West Coast Book-Launch Road-Show! August 10-19, 2019" 

And graphic of the book cover:
Dark skinned woman with long dark hair playing a red accordion.

Bruce Triggs’ [that’s me] book Accordion Revolution: A People’s History of the Accordion in North America heads into the world!
Did you know Charles Wheatstone developed his little squeezebox Concertina in the 1830s, but also sold the first commercially successful telegraph? It was used to prevent train wrecks.

I’m touring the US West Coast (by train) to share stories like this. So feel free to send warnings of danger-ahead while reading Accordion Revolution, order-able via the latest iterations of Wheatstone’s new-fangled telegraphy. 

Readers’ response have been great (only spotting one annoying typo, fixed in recent printings). I’m particularly excited to hear from folks in person. This book-project is a lot like the Accordion Noir Radio show. We never know who’s listening unless you say Hi. I’m one of those authors who love to hear from readers, so come on by or give a shout.
(Online reviews are a boost too if you’re shy.)

I’d be grateful if you shared this. Hope to see you soon at one of these fine events!

Latest tour reports @AccordionBruce (on twitter, etc)

Book cover. Rosie the accordionist with her red accordion and "Accordion Revolution: A People's History of the Accordion in North America from the Industrial Revolution to Rock and Roll"


Petosa’s Accordions
Saturday, Aug 10th 
Noon-3 PM (mid-day event)
19503 56th Ave W Ste B
Lynnwood (North Seattle), WA

King’s Books
Sunday, Aug. 11th, 6 PM
218 St Helens Ave
Tacoma, WA 

Portland House and Backyard Garden Book-Launch
Tuesday, Aug 13th, 7 PM
(Squeezebox Revival Reading in the City of Roses)
4327 NE 8th Ave. (at Prescott)  
(Go to the Right around the Garage.)
Portland, OR
email me or check @AccordionBruce for updates. 

Cotati Accordion Festival 2019!
Sat–Sun, Aug 17–18
I’m not scheduled to present, but I’m happy to chat!
(Perhaps ask to see photos that didn’t make it into the book.)
I’m staying at the musician’s Rohnert Park hotel.
Accordion Revolution copies should be for sale at the merch tent.
A signed copy of the book and a flaming-heart pin will be raffled off!

And finally, I’m looking forward to:

Smythe’s Accordion Center
Monday, Aug, 19, 6 PM
2511 Broadway
Oakland, CA
(510) 268-4084

🎶 Tacoma and Portland: Book-Launch Musicans? 🎶

Musicians get fab Accordion Revolution badges like this:

Front and back of two flaming accordion pins, with a background of text from the back of my Accordion Revolution book: "Before the dawn of rock 'n' roll, the accordion ranked among North America's most popular instruments..."

The Accordion Revolution is Available Now!

Paperback, 6 x 9 in, 440 pgs. 
58 historic illustrations
(in English)
List Price: $20 US, $25 CANISBN 
Print: 978-1-9990677-0-0E
ebook: 978-1-9990677-1-7

Order At Many Fine Online Retailers (And A Few Rotten Ones): (I recommend this Indie-Bookstore network based in the U.S.) (On their website, Hurray!)

The Ebook Is Now Available Too!

The UK’s assures us they will have it soon. (EU) (Canada) (invading everywhere) 

Some readers have requested the book through their favorite local book or music shops. (It’s not a big money-maker for stores, but they may order if you’re friendly.)

Please let me know if you have success or problems. 

Request Accordion Revolution at your Favorite Library!

Simply search “Suggest a Purchase” and “your local library’s name.”

Craft the Perfect Book Review:

Most of the above sites accept book reviews from readers. If you’d like, send links to any Reviews I can share with other Accordion Revolutionaries!

Flyer for Accordion Revolution, with ordering info (as included in this post). And a photo of Bruce, white guy with a greying beard and glasses, looking kindly at the camera with a "be kind to this nice author and read his book" look in his eyes.

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