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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2018-09-14: Noir Resistance

September 14, 2018
AccNoir 2018-09-14


This morning “Accordion Noir” founder and perennial host, your friend and mine Bruce Triggs sorted himself out, recovering from our very accordionic “Echoes and Ripples” art opening last night, wrapping well after midnight, and walked up the street to our parent radio station… where he descended upon the weekly Sound Resistance program, running from 10:30 am through to noon every Friday, to give its morning listeners a taste of what awaits them at this year’s 11th annual Accordion Noir Festival!  The programming touches on a few songs that have appeared in recent playlists, but with a far heavier emphasis on acts on our Saturday and Sunday programs this weekend — because you are basically not getting into the sold-out Friday night show this late in the game!  It contains many great songs by many great performers, so here’s your chance to enjoy a final hour-and-a-half preview of this weekend’s festivities before we’re well and truly in the thick of them!   You can enjoy the broadcast as a digital audio stream courtesy of the Internet Archive.  Here’s its playlist:

Accordion Sound Resistance 2018-09-14

* Jason Webley – Last Song – Against The Night (1999) – Everett, Washington, USA –
* Amy Denio – Darling Please Dont Wake Me – Tutto Bene (2010) – Seattle, Washington, USA –
* Geoff Berner – Condos – We Are Going to Bremen to be Musicians (2015) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Emchy – 12 songs
* Polka Time! – Turbo Island Polka (Live @ Practice) – (2018) – Vancouver, BC, Canada – Visit
* Dogtooth & Nail – Wild Warriors – DRIVING IN THE DARK (2015) – Visit
* tsunami pinata – Las Payasa en Chihuahua – Anacortes, Washington, USA
* Wendy McNeill – White Horses – A Dreamer’s Guide to Hardcore Loving (2008) – Sweden, Canada –
* Wendy McNeill – Eddy (Why Don’t You Put Your Gun Down?) – For The Wolf, A Good Meal (2011) – Canada and now Sweden –
* Teapot in the Tuba – Take 5/Golden Brown – Vancouver, BC, Canada
* Basilissa – La Porque Tens Cinco Pedras – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Wendy McNeill – Stop – A Dreamer’s Guide to Hardcore Loving (2008) – Sweden, Canada –
* Wendy McNeill – Such A Common Bird – Such A Common Bird (2004) – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
* Wendy McNeill – Faith and the Long Haired Man – A Dreamer’s Guide to Hardcore Loving (2008) – Sweden, Canada –

Thanks for reading us here (and hopefully listening to us, there), but if you find you want more, you can always keep up with us on Twitter (@AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce), Instagram (@AccordionNoirFest), and Facebook at Accordion Noir fansthe Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle. Cheers & squeeze on!

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