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Accordion Noir Episode, 2014-10-01, @SlimCessna Interview, @VIFF Dominguinhos #Forró Film

October 2, 2014

Stream the latest Accordion Noir Episode here: Accordion Noir 2014-10-01

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Bruce Triggs, Accordion Noir Radio

Brazil: Forró, Music for Maids and Taxi Drivers, cover with woodcut of drum, accordion, triangle players

I wish I knew more about Globestyle Records’ “Accordions that Shook the World” series. I don’t know how many records they released or what they all were.

Come to the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle tonight (Thurs, Oct 2) to maybe win tickets to the Dominguinhos Brazilian accordion film at the Vancouver International Film Festival! 

Accordion Noir Playlist DATE:

Cascabulho – Na Bocada Da Mata ( Lendas De Acudinho ) – Fome Da Dor De Cabeca (1998) Brazil (Brasil) –

Jorge de Altinho & Dominguinhos – Bom Demais  (So Good) – Brazil Classics 3: Forró etc. (1984) Northeastern Brazil –ó   or

Jose Orlando – Eu Também Quero Beijar – Brazil: Forró (Music For Maids And Taxi Drivers) (0) Brazil – Part of Globestyle Records’ mysteriously hard to track down “Accordions That Shook the World” series from the ’80s.

Slim Cessna poster for their show this Friday at the Wise Hall in Vancouver. Crow/Raven over Skull and Crossed-Wrenches

SCAC (Slim Cessna’s Auto Club) – My Goodness Me – Denver Squeeze (Slim Cessna’s Auto Club) (0) Denver, Colorado, USA –

Slim Cessna – Slim Cessna Interview (edited) – Interview at the Cobalt in Vancouver, Canada (2011) Boulder, Colorado,  United States  –

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Willow Gardens – Slim Cessna’s Auto Club (1995) Denver, Colorado, USA –

Blind Joe Mangrum; Fred Shriver – Bacon and Cabbage – Kentucky Mountain Music – CD7 (1928) Nashville, Tennessee, USA –

The Bad Things – Young Emily Rose – After The Inferno (2014) Seattle, Washington, USA –

Bluesqueezebox – Bei Mir Bistu Shein – This Old House (2014) Austin, Texas, USA –

Dhatri – Jigni Jigs – Where Expression Meets Harmony (2008) Bangalore, India –

Wendy McNeill – Owl and Boy – One Colour More (2014) Canada and now Sweden –

Geoff Berner With Diona Davies And Wayne Adams – Weep, Bride, Weep – The Wedding Dance Of The Widow Bride (2007) Vancouver, BC, Canada –

Dominguinhos: Final showings of Brazilian Tropical/Jazz/Forró/Baião Accordion Film, @VIFFest, win tickets!

September 30, 2014

The film Dominguinhos is showing twice more this week at the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival and the accordionist in you wants to go. I got to the premier and it was splendid. The music throughout is amazing, following the titular artist’s career as he grew up, learned accordion, got taken under the wing of the very popular accordionist Luiz Gonzaga, and then became a major player himself.


This Brazilian site has a slideshow with 50-some photos of Dominguinhos (many from the movie.) Get Google-translate to try to read Portuguese!

Dominguinhos is showing twice more at the Vancouver Film Fest.


Tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct 01, 04:30 pm  Rio Theatre
Next week, Thursday, Oct 09, 07:15 pm  Vancity Theatre

My favourite parts are where he played a beautiful black Giuliette accordion which just embraces the rich chords common in Brazilian music and jazz. So smooth and warm. Some of the best jazz accordionists in the world have played these instruments and it’s clear why from the sound. That MM clarinet reed setting just nails it so nicely.

closeup of a Giuliette accordion grill. Gimme.

Things I took away (that I’d like to know more about): They talked about a dance and music called baião which is from Dominguihos’ home region in Northeastern Brazil. I’m not quite sure how that relates with forró, the Brazilian accordion music I’ve heard of. Any Brazilian accordion experts out there want to fill me in, that’d be lovely.

Win some tickets for the closing show!

We gave away tickets to see the film on the Accordion Noir Radio show last week, and we have another set that we’ll be giving away to some lucky person at the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle this Thursday, from 8-10 PM at Spartacus Books, 3378 Findlay Street in Vancouver (off Commercial Drive at 18th). You don’t have to be an accordionist to attend, but you have to attend the Circle to win!

Dominguinhos and Luis Gonzaga on stage in front of a big accordion-player backdrop at a festival

Again, Dominguinhos is showing twice more at the Vancouver Film Fest. Best squeezebox film of the year, go now.


Wednesday, Oct 01, 04:30 pm  Rio Theatre
Thursday, Oct 09, 07:15 pm  Vancity Theatre

Dominguinhos: Fantastic Brazilian Forró Accordion at the Vancouver International Film Festival

September 23, 2014

I’m thrilled that the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival is premiering a new documentary this week, Dominguinhos, about an amazing Brazilian accordionist admired by David Byrne and others around the world.

That’s actually Brazilian accordionist Sivuca playing melodica in the foreground. Dominguinhos (José Domingos de Morais) is in the background on accordion.

(Brazil, 2014, 79 mins, DCP)
Canadian Premiere
FEATURING Dominguinhos, Luiz Gonzaga, Gilberto Gil, João Donato

Read more…

Accordion Noir Festival Preview Episode, Sept 10, 2014, Pathetic Fallacy, The Plodes, Steve Normandin, punk rock accordionation!

September 11, 2014

Stream the latest Accordion Noir Episode here: Accordion Noir Sept 10, 2014

or click (once) here to download: Download audio file

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Bruce Triggs, Accordion Noir Radio


All these folks are playing at the the Accordion Noir Festival this weekend!


Accordion Noir Playlist Sept 10, 2014:


Accordion Noir Festival 2014 PRA (Pre-Recorded Announcement, well worth you’re 1 minute.)

SoCalled – Baleboste – Ghettoblaster (2007) Montréal, Québec, Canada –

Ten Thousand Wolves – Little Vapor – Pathetic Fallacy_Live (2014)  –

The Bruce Freedman African Groove Band – Oasis  (acc solo part – Tyson Naylor) – Live At The Cellar (2008) Vancouver, BC, Canada –

The Plodes – You Treat Me Poorly and It Makes Me Upset – A Foot Was As Long As… A Foot! (2013) Vancouver, BC, Canada – Visit  Alexa Fraser, acc.

The Plodes – Bad Bunny – Live in our studio! (Actual Accordion Noir Festival performances will feature enhanced punk rock accordion.)

The Plodes – Kissy, Kissy, Kissy, Kissy, Kissy Giraffes – Live in our studio!

Miss Murgatroid – Brown Dwarf – Myoclyonic Melodies (1996) Portland, Oregon, USA –

Steve Normandin –(I don’t know the name of this piece, we’ll call it “5 o’clock shadow” after the Tiger Rock-cordion he was playing with the weird 5ths register. – More on the Tiger?

From Iralith's Livejournal.

Tiger Rock-cordion, 1950s-1960s.

Accordion Noir Episode, August 27, 2014, Rowan at the Controls

August 28, 2014

Stream the latest Accordion Noir Episode here: Accordion Noir Aug 27, 2014

or click (once) here to download: Download audio file

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Rowan in charge while Bruce was out of town. I (Bruce) caught about half the show from my bivouac on the coast of Vancouver Island (Vancouver the city is not on Vancouver, the Island, what’s up with that Canada?)

I particularly liked the Bonnie Prince Billy and Hardrock Gunter pairing near the end which seemed thematically though not stylistically linked. Good one Rowan!


“I Claim To Have Named The Music [Rock And Roll]”

“Hardrock” Gunter

A man who's pseudonym has a nickname.

Bonny “Prince” Billy (Will Oldham)

Accordion Noir Playlist Aug 27, 2014:

1. Promised Land-Johnnie Allan (Belton Richard on Accordion)

2. Andy Fielding -Accordion Noir theme

3. Philippe Bruneau – Valse-Clogue / Waltz Clog

4. Fairport Convention – Si Tu Dois Partir

5. Music Maul-Sorry

6. The Band – When I Paint My Masterpiece

7. Little Muse

8. The Leon Sash Quintet – Perdido

9. Frank Vignola- Swing Gitane

10. The Boxcar Boys – Mugg’s Island

1 1 Kim Barlow-Rest Reprise

12. Beirut-Mimizan

13. Bonnie Prince Billy-Black Ice Cream

14. Hardrock Gunter-Bonaparte’s Retreat

15. Lars Hollmer- Dron

Geoff Berner’s Police Brutality Klezmer Song: “Daloy Polizei”

August 21, 2014

Not terribly constructive to jump on the bandwagon from a distance, but when Geoff Berner talks about his song Daloy Polizei, he leaves it open for people to add verses for local or recent events.  Sadly, people keep producing new words inspired by real lives being lost, with few real solutions being listened to. Comes a point (a hundred years after the song was first sung?) when it becomes obvious that the power-structure doesn’t care if people keep dying. So, what must we do ourselves to change the situation? Certainly more than just listen to this song.

It translates as, “Fuck the Police” in mixed Yiddish, “polizei,” and Russian, “dally.” (Useful language lesson for today.) Written as an anti-tsarist ditty before the Russian Revolution, the original carries some weight when you think about what happened after. Not like Jews did well under the Bolsheviks, but there were other radical futures people were working for in those pre-revolution days.

Tip of the bellows to Birds of the Storm who brought these two versions together for me.


And lest we forget, Geoff and Toronto’s SoCalled are grand-slamming the Accordion Noir Festival in September. I bet they’ll do this song. Today I stumbled on this 2011 McCleans article about them and their mix of klezmer and punk rock, hip-hop and politics.

Care for each other and play accordions at protests, it inspires joy and singing, and confuses your opponants.

Accordion Noir Episode, August 20, 2014, Jianan Tian from China, Kimmo Pohjonen’s birthday, and Police Brutality

August 21, 2014

Stream the latest Accordion Noir Episode here: Accordion Noir Aug 20, 2014

or click (once) here to download: Download audio file

Thanks for listening!

Bruce Triggs, Accordion Noir Radio


Sorry for lack of posts here lately. I’ve been regularly dropping interesting items to Twitter @AccordionBruce and working through my Louisiana French Accordion (Creole/Cajun) chapter of my book.


Accordion Noir Playlist Aug 20, 2014:


* Motion Trio – Asfalt Tango – Pictures From The Street (2004) – Poland –
* Tian Jianan – Carnevale – Brahms’s Smile: Pop Instrumental Album (2010) – China –
* Riccardo Tesi – Short Italian agnostic stinger – Stingers (2014) – Tuscany, Italy – Thanks to Linda Bull!
* Riccardo Tesi – La Cena Della Sposa – Acqua Foco E Vento (2001) – Italy (“New traditional music from Tuscany.) –
* Vishtèn – Pour Jacob – Mosaïk (2012) – Acadia; Prince Edward Island; Quebec, Canada –
* Kerry Reigler – CFRO ID 40 twilight zone Station ID PRA – Co-op Radio PRA (100.5 FM) (2013) – –
* Pinnin Pojat: Arto Jarvela, Kimmo Pohjonen – Vuoma Pertti & Eastwoodin Clinitti – Gogo 4 (1994) – Finland –
* Kimmo Pohjonen – Keisari Aleksanteri – Murhaballadeja (2012) – –
* Andrea Parkins – Beautiful Animal – Slippage (0) – New York, New York, USA – from Ellery Eskelin…
* The Three Suns – Movin’ ‘n’ Groovin’ – Movin’ ‘n’ Groovin’ (1962) – –
* Zeellia – Tsvite Teren = Blossoming Thornbush – Zeellía (1998) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Geoff Berner – Daloy Polizei (swearing) – Victory Party (2011) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Antti Paalanen – Gaza – Breathbox (2011) – Finland –  (This may have been cut off, I’ll play it again.)


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