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Redwing: by Holly Bennett – New in our Young Adult Accordion Library

April 22, 2014

Redwing Book cover, eyes peering out over a fire

The cover of Holly Bennett‘s young adult novel Redwing¹ caught my eye (images of eyes do that, effective cover) but I knew I had to share it when I read this dramatic set-up,

The plague has taken Rowan’s family.  Alone and grief-stricken, he lives and travels in his family’s old caravan, eking out a living by playing his button box in small towns.

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Tuba Noir Radio Special, Available for Download, for the Good of the Tuba

April 17, 2014

Last night we had our big Co-op Radio Member Fund-drive Tuba show on Accordion Noir.

Code name: AccNoir-2014-04-16, TUBA NOIR!

With special guests Marc Lindy on helicon tuba and Tim Sars on bark-sax.  Rowan and Bruce were there too.

pretty abstract reflection off tuba bell

What is this?

Every time Co-op Radio has a fund-drive Accordion Noir “donates” an episode to some other needy instrument that doesn’t have its own program every week.  (But could, if you want to make one happen.) We’ve been talking about a tuba episode for a long time with our fellow dj Marc Lindy.   Now we have to do an accordion version of his Gospel Train show, every Friday night.  And the next instrument for us?  We think pedal steel guitar.

Little kid sleeping in a tuba!  That's cute.

It was a two hour special, so the first hour pre-empted the regular Soundscapes show.  Then we continued in our normal Accordion Noir slot.

Download both shows by clicking Here for hour one, and Here for hour two.

Or, stream them on their individual pages:

Tuba Noir hour one:

Tuba Noir hour two:

Vince Simonetti, sounding a sousaphone while standing among 250 tubas and variations thereof in the front parlor of Durham's Tuba Exchange.

Photo of Vince Simonetti surrounded by just enough tubas, by D.L. Anderson

And now, the tuba-centric playlist of our dreams!

First Hour:

* Artist – Song – Album (year) – Where they’re from, etc. if we know.

* Bruce Triggs – Tuba Noir PRA – Accordion Noir PRA’s (2014)

* Tubby the Tuba And Friends (oldie but goodie)

* Howard Johnson – Big Alice

* Ahilea – Come on Bejbe – Cafe Svetlana (2009) – Ohrid, Macedonia / Sarajevo / Vienna, Austria –  sounds like the Monkees

* Tuba en Java – Vas-Y Bobarre –

* Polkacide – Madzia’s Rewanz – Hardcore 2/4 (1999) – San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA –

* Orkestar Šlivovica – Alchemy Alchemy – Živeli! (2012) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –

* Marc Lindy, Tim Sars – Swasey the Cat

* Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band – Mesecina – Reign Of Revelry (2010) – Somerville, Massachusetts, USA –

* Feathership – Tumbling – Howl (2014) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada –

* Zulya – Insomnia / yoqosizliq – Elusive (2002) – Tatarstan, Russia, Australia –


2nd Hour.

* Marc Lindy, Tim Sars, Rowan Lipkovits – Accordion Noir theme (by Andy Fielding) – Vancouver, BC, Canada – Live in Studio!

* Marc Lindy and Tim Sars – Yeep!

* Sam’s Rot N’ Pot N’ Pan Band – Tuba Girl – Sam’s Rot N’ Pot N’ Pan Band (2005) – Canada –

* Massot-Florizoone-Horbaczewski – Carassin Doré – Cinéma Novo (2008) – Belgium –

* Tubatabgo – Zorro Gris – Tango Trg CD #2 (0) –  – Adjusted by iVolume 06/13/2006 21:10:09

* Marc Lindy, Tim Sars, Rowan Lipkovits – Algiers Strut

* Jelly Roll Morton and His Orchestra,  H Prather (tuba) – New Orleans Bump (Take 2) – The Jelly Roll Morton Centennial: His Complete Victor Recordings [Disc 3] (1926)

* Los Dareyes De La Sierra – Los Sembradores [Banda Version] – Corridazos “Con Tuba Y Acordeón” (2008) – Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico –

* Bob Stewart – King Porter Stomp

* Tragic Mulatto – Fist of the Fleet – Hot Man Pussy (1989) – San Francisco, California,  USA –   Gail ( Flatula Lee Roth ) Tuba.


TUBA NOIR Fundraiser Special, (Preview Announcement), Wed April 16, 9-11 PM

April 13, 2014

Yes, for this year’s Co-op Radio Spring Membership Drive we continue our tradition of throwing over the accordion in favour of some other neglected or slighted instrument.  Let’s see, we’ve done kazoo, ukulele, bagpipes, musical saw (and theremin and glass harmonica all in one episode!), baritone sax….

Here is the audio promotional spot we did announcing the Tuba Noir show.

Which I made into a video, how fun is that?


Remember to tune in and listen:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 9-11 PM in Vancouver, BC, Canada
or on

And do consider clicking on the Co-op Radio link on top of this page to make a donation and support our station.

This episode is helping raise money to build a wheelchair (and tuba) accessible washroom for our new radio station!

It’s a good feeling to be a donor to support such awesome things!  So please do.

Music used in there:

*Band – Song – Album (year) – Where they’re from if we know. – contact  etc.

* Zulya – Insomnia / yoqosizliq – Elusive (2002) – Tatarstan, Russia, Australia –

* Ahilea – Come on Bejbe – Cafe Svetlana (2009) – Ohrid, Macedonia / Sarajevo / Vienna, Austria – sounds like the Monkees

* Los Dareyes De La Sierra – Los Sembradores [Banda Version] – Corridazos “Con Tuba Y Acordeón” (2008) – Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico –

A diagram of a tuba with parts indicated.

Accordion Noir Radio, 2014-04-09, Pop Goes the Accordion, Fund-Raiser – playlist and download

April 12, 2014

Natalia Tena of MOLOTOV JUKEBOX at the Shambala Festival, 2013. Photographer credit: Danny North

Here’s a set of best-selling songs through the accordion ages, or something like that.  Next week we’re doing all Tuba Tunes!!!  That’s hand-made radio we make for you here on Vancouver’s Co-op Radio.  With love from Accordion Noir, Bruce and Rowan

And you can stream and download the show from Co-op Radio’s site here:

or direct download by clicking here once.


* Alberto Pacheco – Cumbia Cienaguera (1930s) – The Rough Guide to Cumbia—Colombia’s hip-swinging dance rhythms (2012).  This song was swiped for “Heater” by Samim.  A history of this song in Spanish:

* SAMIM – Heater – Heater (2007) – UK? Colombia –
* Molotov Jukebox – No Lady – Carnival Flower (2014) – UK –
* The Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2 (Laika) – Funeral (2004) – Canada – Régine Chassagne, acc.
* Grace Jones – I’ve Seen that Face Before (libertango) – Nightclubbing (She does not appear to be playing the accordion in the video… Did they just sample Astor Piazzolla in this?
* Glahe Musette Orchestra – Beer Barrel Polka – Victor 78 rpm Record (1939) – Germany –
History mentioned in Elijah Wald’s book, “How the Beatles Destroyed Rock and Roll.”
* Jennifer Lopez – Te Voy A Querer – Como Ama Una Mujer (2007) – USA – Julio C. Reyes, acc.
* Madonna & Gogol Bordello – La Isla Bonita / Lela Pala Tute – Live @ Live Earth 07.07.07 (2007) – Romany / USA, etc. –
* Jenny Conlee, Co-op Radio 100.5 stinger (2012) –
* The Decemberists – Down By The Water – The King Is Dead (2011) – Portland, Oregon, USA –
* Cat Stevens – Kitty – The City (box set) (1967)
* The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice – Pet Sounds (1966) – California, USA – Carl Fortina and Frank Marocco were both in the studio on accordion – Great video of the making of this song:
* Beirut – Cliquot – The Flying Club Cup (2007) – Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA –
* Mia Martina & Edward Maya – Stereo Love – (2010) – Saint-Ignace, New Brunswick, Canada; Romania – Wikipedia details how this melody is from an Azerbaijani song “Bayatılar” from 1989. We should invite Co-op Radio’s Azeri show to join us for a special about this controversy. Listen to Odlar Yurdu Saturdays in Vancouver from 4-5 PM, or at (in Azeri)
* Daniel Handler Co-op Radio Stinger 100.5 (2012)
* The Magnetic Fields – Drive On, Driver – Distortion (2008) – Boston, Massachusetts, USA – “Take me to the airport, I need to be extremely far away.”
* Molotov Jukebox – Trying – Carnival Flower (2014) – UK –
* Lawrence Welk – Calcutta – (1960) – California, USA –
* Kongos – Come With Me Now – Lunatic (2014) – South Africa –

The Accordion Novelty Company: the Chautauqua archives of the University of Iowa

March 29, 2014

Four women with accordions in a vintage brochure


The Accordion Novelty Company is not just a funny t-shirt somebody is selling online (They don’t cite their source, so why should we link to them?)

The University of Iowa’s digital archive on “Travelling Culture – Circuit Chautaqua in the Twentieth Century” includes not just this cover image, but a splendid little three-fold booklet promoting an actual historical (ca. 1920s-30s) group of accordion-playin’ women: The Accordion Novelty Company!  How cool is that?The Accordion Novelty Company, pg 2

Thanks University of Iowa!

The collection has a ton of accordion content if you search for it. Looking around, I’m not sure if the Harp Novelty Company from the 1920s is the same woman, but I’d go see them too.

The Chautaqua circuit was kind of like vaudeville, with entertainers traveling from town around the country, but had more of an educational uplift and social change element.  This is an amazing collection of pamphlets and fliers and I’m so happy it’s available – the Library of Congress agrees.

Accordion Novelty Company, pg 3

 THE irresistible spirit of youth rules the entertainment of The Accordion Novelty Company. Such infectious gayety, such “zip” and “pep” abound that audiences are quickly tuned in on an evening of genuine merriment. “A Street Scene in Naples” is the title of one of the popular numbers presented. “Miss Naples” and her three picturesque comrades are vividly portrayed. In their bright, charming costumes they present a delightful bit of old-world color. With a touch of the gamin in their inimitable performance, the young entertainers go rollicking through this unique musical sketch. Four girls make up The Accordion Novelty Company—popular entertainers who have made an outstanding “hit” in the musical-entertainment field. The most interesting feature, from a musical standpoint, is the use of four accordions. Truly beautiful and novel music is attained with this combination. Cello, violin and piano are also used, and harmony singing adds attractive variety.

The Ghost Accordion of Daniel Dunglas Home

March 19, 2014

Wikipedia turned this up as I was looking for something else (quickly forgotten when I read about this guy):  I really should save this for Halloween, but what the heck.

Daniel Dunglas Home

Back in the 1870s in whatever you call Victorian America (no queen, hmm?) this guy Daniel Home was a famous clairvoyant member of the spiritualist movement, knocking on tables to speak with the dead and all that.  Arthur Conan Doyle supported him, Houdini singled him out as a fraud.

Home was perhaps unique because part of his supernatural schtick was that he played a ghost accordion!  (Unless it was ghosts that played it, you know, magically by having him play it for them, magically.)

Home's accordion.

Apparently he would hold the accordion with one hand in a basket under the table and it would play tunes, with the help of ghosts.  I do not know what he would do if the ghosts he was paid to contact did not play accordion.  Sort of limited his clientele I expect.

Home playing the under-the-table accordion

Not only could he play the accordion under the table with one hand, but I suspect he could also play it behind his head, and with his teeth, and light it on fire, but I have not confirmed those.  The best bet seems to be that he had a very small harmonica in his mouth that he might help the ghosts out with.   Somebody should totally revive his act and bring it to our Accordion Noir Festival.  That’d be awesome.

Daniel Dunglas Home, Spiritualist Accordionist.

A little March treat from us and Wikipedia to you.


[Updated Mar 27, 2014 because I spelled his middle name wrong.]

Festival du Bois Ticket give away! Accordion Noir Radio playlist Feb 26, 2014

February 27, 2014

256h Annual Festival du Bois, 2014 Depuis 1989, Toute une expérience!  Experience it all!

We’ve got two sets of tickets for the Festival du Bois this weekend.  Sat-Sun, March 1-2.

Email me at accordion dot noir at gmail dot com

or go to the Accordion Noir Fans Facebook group and tell us why you want to go to the Festival this year (Hint, there are four killer accordion acts!)

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