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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2016-10-26: Hallowheeze

October 27, 2016


Here we are — Hallowe’en is knocking at the door and you’d better have some candy at the ready. Bruce put on a selection of some of his spookiest tunes last night which you can hear a digital audio stream of by clicking on this link right here (from a Flash-capable web browser, sorry would-be listeners on mobile devices — you can only hear us streaming live!) and the following playlist will let you know just what you should be afraid of when you hear an instrument go squeeze in the night:

* Una O’Connor – Una O’Connor Day! Oct 23, 1880
* FemBots – Under The Bed – See You On The Moon! Songs For Kids Of All Ages (2006) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –
* Bijoux Du Bayou – Swamp Creature – Canajun Pardi Gras (1999) – Duncan, British Columbia, Canada –
* Ghost Bees – Goldfish And Metermaids – Tasseomancy (2008) – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – Their friend Oren plays acc.
* Elfin Saddle – The Ocean – Ringing For The Begin Again (2009) – Montréal, Québec, Canada –
* Colin Clive – Thunder (8.6-13.818) Sane Spectators – Frankenstein (1931)
* Pee Wee King (Frank Julius Anthony Kuczynski) – The Ghost And Honest Joe – Blue Suede Shoes: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (1949) – Milwaukee, Wisconsin / Nashville, Tennessee, USA –
* Rana Santacruz – Lobo – Por Ahí (2015) – Mexico; New York, USA –
* Those Darn Accordions – Hamsterman – No Strings Attached (1998) – San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA –
* Anti-Social Music – 7 Songs of Zen, Love, & Longing – Nova (Girl From Planet of the Apes) – Sings the Great American Songbook (0) – (also of Hold Steady, World Inferno Friendship Society
* Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People – The Family Tree – Dinosaur Power (2008) – Ontario, Canada –
* That Damned Band – Festival Of The Snake Pit – That Damned Band (2007) – Xenia, Texas, USA –
* Achordian – Mama I Just Killed A Ghost – A Product Of The 80’s (2007) – malmö, Sweden –
* Guy Klucevsek – Transylvanian Software – Transylvanian Software (1994) – New York, USA –

And that’s Hallowe’en for another year! But of course we’re here on the air every week — and if you keep up with us on social media, you can hang with us daily on Twitter, announcing breaking accordion trends at @AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce, depicting them at our Instagram account @Accordionnoirfest, and of course we’ve always got business cooking over at our Facebook groups for Accordion Noir fans, the Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle. (Did somebody say Vancouver Squeezebox Circle? That meets one week from tonight, 8-10 pm at Spartacus Books!)

(We know you haven’t sent in your cover recording of our theme song yet to celebrate our radio program’s 10th anniversary in December, but we’re hoping that you do eventually get around to it in time for the festivities!)

Accordion Noir radio playlist 2016-10-19: Leon Sash Birthday Bash

October 20, 2016


We won’t overstate the case: Bruce only aired a single track by jazz accordion master Leon Sash last night, but the entire episode (which clicking here on this link you can hear here as a digital audio stream as long as your web browser can navigate a Flash audio player) was in honour of the day of his birth. But now here’s something you can all celebrate — our parent radio station, CFRO Co-Op Community Radio, is full steam ahead with its fall member drive! Because our station isn’t commercial radio, a) it allows fascinating curios like an all-accordion radio program to go on the airwaves in the first place, and b) it doesn’t support itself by running advertisements. Instead, it derives its operational funding from donations made by its community — typically in the form of station membership dues, which fall on a widely sliding scale. If you are able to take out a membership in CFRO — or renew a past, lapsed, one — it would help us a great deal to be able to meet our fundraising targets.


You can find out more about the member drive or, if you like, get right down to pledging your support. Thanks for helping to keep us on the air! And now… the playlist to last night’s radio episode:

* Gadji-Gadjo – Octoberburrekfest – Sur le toit des voisins (2007) – Montréal, Québec, Canada –
* Douglas Bellard and Kirby Riley – Les Flammes d Enfer (1929) – Douglas Bellard is said to be the first black Creole to record, Oct. 2, 1929, just before Amede Ardoin. Folkways’ “Louisiana Creole Music” refers to a story that Bellard may have murdered Ardoin too, yikes.
* The Leon Sash Quintet – Gone With the Wind – Live At The Velvet Heart Club (1962) – Chicago, Illinois, USA –
* Carla Sciaky – The Band Of Shearers – Her Infinite Variety Celtic Women In Music & Song Vol. 2 (2006) – –
* Berlin-Style – Csillagok – 17 Hippies (1999) – Berlin, Germany –
* Joseph Mazibuko – White House Special – Greatest Accordion Jive Hits Vol 3 (1972) – South Africa – Go Go Records GGL 4004
* Stuart Estell – Will Beckett’s March – Mother’s Thinking Bath (2014) – Birmingham, England, UK – Visit
* The Devil’s Anvil – Teyul Leili – Hard Rock From The Middle East (1967) – New York City, USA / Armenian –’s_Anvil The Feenjon Group was an Armenian group that played in New York in Armenian bars.
* Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird – Godbrother – Bad Old Songs (2012) – Berlin, Germany –
* Stephen Nikleva – Montmartre (Featuring Steve Normandin) – Square Moon (2015) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Bill Davis Trio w/Bruce Triggs – Bring the Money In Member Drive PRA (not dated) – Co-op Radio Member Drive PRA (1954) – –
* The Three Suns – Autumn Leaves – Movin’ ‘n’ Groovin’ (1962) – –

There you go. See you next week — but if you can’t wait that long, you can tag along with us on social media, keeping up on Twitter with our trending accordion news reports as @AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce, at our Instagram account @Accordionnoirfest, and over at our Facebook groups for Accordion Noir fans, the Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle

(And if you haven’t given it fair consideration yet, you really should think about recording a cover version of our theme song to celebrate our radio program’s 10th anniversary coming up at the start of December!)

Accordion Noir radio playlist 2016-10-12: Thanks-given

October 13, 2016


Another week, another episode of the world’s only weekly all-accordion, alt-accordion radio program — Accordion Noir! This week’s episode fell near Canadian Thanksgiving, which made for … quite a hard time finding podcast art using Google Image Search without running up against this distinguished fellow. Even though we eventually found something relevant courtesy of Jim Henson’s feverish brain (actually, that’s a little too literal), the Uncle Sam stars & stripes hat keeps it from being a perfect fit for the occasion. But it’s darned close!

Anyway (or as Rowan likes to say: “But I digress…”) you can enjoy listening to a digital audio stream of last night’s episode (providing your device can run our radio station’s Flash widgets) by clicking here on this link. And to enhance your listening experience — here’s the full playlist of everything we aired last night!

* Ruth Hunter & Ruthie Dornfeld – L’Amour Et Printemps / Anniversary Waltz – Rue Balkán (2002) – Seattle, Washington, USA –
* Pete Hunter – Wrapped in Cellophane – from Kevin Coffey’s collection (1950) – – (Everest Kenne, acc.)
* Kimmo Pohjonen – Serenity – Sensitive Skin (2015) – Finland –
* Leonardo Suarez Paz’s Cuartetango Swing Quartet – Obelisco (Lisandro Adrover, bandoneon) – Masters of Bandoneon (2012) – Argentina –
* Tango Paradiso – Fall – Passion (2007) – Vancouver, BC, Canada – Douglas Schmidt, Henry Lee, Amanda Chan, Leanna Wong
* A.E. Bridger – Brand New Smile – Museum (2015) – St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada –
* Olenka And The Autumn Lovers – Soldier’s Waltz – Olenka And The Autumn Lovers (2009) – East Vancouver, BC – London, ON, Canada –
* La Bottine Souriante – Ciel d’automne (Autumn Sky) – Rock & Reel (1998) – Montréal, Québec, Canada – Denis Fréchette, accordeon piano, Yves Lambert, accordeon 3 rangees
* Buddy DeFranco & Tommy Gumina – Autumn in Rome – Pacific Standard (Swingin’!) Time (1960) – –
* Stephen Nikleva – L’avenue (Featuring Steve Normandin) – Square Moon (2015) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* The Tiger Lillies – Autumn Leaves – Births, Marriages & Deaths (1994) – United Kingdom –
* Clifton Chenier – Keep On Scratching – Bon Ton Roulet (1966) – Louisiana, USA –
* Totore Chessa – Trieddas (Campidanesu) – Organittos (1996) – Sardinia, Italy

That should keep your belllows full for a while, but if you need a breath of fresh air before next Wednesday, you can always revisit our ongoing expertise on social media — as @AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce on Twitter, at our Instagram account @Accordionnoirfest, and over at our Facebook groups for Accordion Noir fans, the Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle

(And please — you should really be thinking about recording a cover version of our theme song in honour of our radio program’s 10th anniversary coming up at the start of December!)


1960’s Tiger Combo ‘Cordion / 1920’s Flow Tone Accordion

October 9, 2016

Hi all,

Reading/writing about the 1960’s Tiger Combo ‘Cordion accordion that Faithe Deffner and Bill Palmer (both since passed on) developed for Pancordion and Titano (both accordion brands owned then by the same company).

d86d337c40d4fe872a89f184e0743721 Read more…

Accordion Noir radio playlist 2016-10-05: Autumn Leaves

October 6, 2016


As the seasons turn and the months pass (speaking of which — our monthly first-Thursday Squeezebox Circle get-together is tonight!), so too do the weeks fly by — and with them, weekly episodes of the Accordion Noir Radio program, rapidly headed toward our 10-year milestone of weekly radio appearances! We took to the airwaves last night and <A href= clicking here you can enjoy a digital audio stream of the episode. (Sorry, friends on mobile — our radio station’s streaming links presume Flash! We’re working on it!) (Speaking of our parent radio station, CFRO Co-Op Community Radio, their Fall member drive is underway, and you can help to support us by taking out or renewing a station membership! Click here for details!) And to help you understand just what it is you’re enjoying so much, here’s a complete playlist of everything you can hear in this episode:

* Iry Lejeune – La Valse de pont d’Amour (Love Bridge Waltz) – Cajun’s Greatest; The Definitive Collection (1948) – Louisiana, USA – (The “Cajun accordionists’ national anthem.”) according to Carl Lindahl, “Accordion Music & Lifestyle on the Cajun Frontier,” in Accordions, Fiddles, Two Step & Swing A Cajun Music Reader, pg 89.
* Transatlantic Zodiac Ensemble – It’s A Mean Season For Silver Linings – It’s A Mean Season For Silver Linings (2010) – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada –
* Victor Prieto – Six Note Samba – The Three Voices (2016) – Spain / New York City –
* Sour Mash Hug Band – Song Of The Eyes – Accordion Babes 2012 (2011) – –
* Greg Pagel – Introduction – Plastic Machine Music (2005) – Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA –
* Kimmo Pohjonen – Cyclon – Sensitive Skin (2015) – Finland –
* Henry Doktorski – Partita No 1 in B♭, Movement 3 – Classical Accordion Recital (2005) – –
* Peter Soave & Azzano Laboratories Orchestra – Concerto For Accordion & Orchestra 2. Andante Moderato (C. Coppola) – Astor Piazzolla – Carmine Coppola (2006) – Detroit, Michigan, USA/France –
* Gotan Project – Paris, Texas – Lunático (2006) – Paris, France –
* Marin Nasturica, Sonata Quintette, Ho Thi The Van(Piano) – Prelude En Do Mineur – Nasturica Virtuoso (1995) – Romania / Montréal, Québec, Canada –
* The Jerry Cans – Northern Lights – Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada –
* Duckmandu (Aaron Seeman) – Stealing Peoples’ Mail – Fresh Duck for Rotting Accordionists (2005) – San Francisco, California, USA –

All right, that’s more than enough squeezebox for one more week. But if you just can’t get enough, you can find us at what could be charitably described as greater frequency at @AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce on Twitter, at our Instagram account @Accordionnoirfest, and over at our Facebook groups for Accordion Noir fans, the Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle

(And don’t forget == we still are hoping for your cover versions of our theme song for our 10th anniversary in December!)

(Illustration by Starstew. Cheers & squeeze on!)

Accordion Noir radio playlist 2016-09-28: Buckwheat and Joe Falcon Meet

September 29, 2016


And it’s another episode of Accordion Noir, once again featuring Special Guest Montreal accordion repair-woman Julie. You can hear last night’s whole squeezy thing (provided you’re using a Flash-enabled web browser, sorry mobile users!) as a digital audio stream audible through this link to — and here’s the playlist to help you keep track of what you’re hearing!

* Buckwheat Zydeco – Throw Me Something, Mister – Lay Your Burden Down (2009) – Louisiana, USA
* Buckwheat Zydeco – Make It To Me – w. Sonny Landreth & Paul “Lil’ Buck” Sinegal – Boozoo Hoodoo! The Songs Of Boozoo Chavis (2003) – Louisiana, USA –
* Barrule – Yn Ven-Ainshter Dewil (The Cruel Mistress) – Manannan’s Cloak (2015) – Isle of Man, UK – Jamie Smith, acc
* Canailles – Breakers – Ronds-Points (2014) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada –
* Dardanelles – Fogo Island Mussels/Smeceno Horo – The Dardanelles (2009) – Newfoundland, Canada –
* Joe Falcon, Cleoma Breaux – Allons A Lafayette – American Roots Music [Disc 4] (1928)
* Alan Mills – Jerry Ryan (The Foreman, Well Known Jerry Ryan) – We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar: Songs of Newfoundland (1958) – Newfoundland, Canada –
* Orlín’s – Nano (Arnaud Méthivier) – – France
* Barrule – The King Of The Sea (Ree Ny Marrey) – Manannan’s Cloak (2015) – Isle of Man, UK – Jamie Smith, acc
* Buckwheat Zydeco – Finding My Way Back Home – Lay Your Burden Down (2009) – Louisiana, USA

Don’t forget — if you like us on the radio, you’ll love us on social media, where we’re not restricted to a mere hour of holding forth: you can find us at @AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce on Twitter, at our Instagram account (which just surpassed a thousand subscribers!) @Accordionnoirfest, and over at our Facebook groups for Accordion Noir fans, the Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle — which, we should note, gathers at Spartacus Books from 8-10 pm one week from today for its monthly get-together, next Thursday night!

(And please note — we want your cover version of our theme song for our 10th anniversary in December!)

Accordion Noir Theme Song Cover Extravaganza!

September 26, 2016

accnoirsheetGreetings, Accordion Noir fans! We have before us a year of rolling 10th anniversaries ahead of us: Next September will see the 10th installment of the annual Accordion Noir Festival, but before that it’ll be the 10th anniversary of our Vancouver Squeezebox Circle in March. But coming up still sooner yet we have upcoming the 10th anniversary of the first weekly broadcast of Accordion Noir Radio, which began at 2 am in the middle of the night the first Wednesday of December. (These are all goals we set out in a manifesto for accordion world domination when we first began scheming to go on the radio: what would naturally follow?  We got as far as starting a festival, but then ran out of gas before opening a record label.)

We’ll be celebrating this occasion with a Very Noir All-Star accordion concert (about which we’ll say quite a bit more when we get closer to it), but for the benefit of our remote fans — the ones who enjoyed listening live to us in the morning or over their lunchbreak while it was 2 am local time — we wanted to give them a chance to participate in the celebrations also: another crack at a scheme I hatched 6 years ago.

We have a splendid theme song.  Composed about three years in to our ten year spree (so far), it’s an amazing composition by Andy Fielding that manages to encapsulate the spectrum of emotional possibilities on those accordions that we champion.  And as Andy himself once did a cover version of the (much-covered) theme song to the late Jurgen Gothe’s Disc Drive, we would like to invite our friends and fans to record and send in covers of our theme song. It gets played on our show every week, and we’d enjoy the chance to demonstrate the instrument’s range and versatility by having varied versions of the song to draw upon — on different kinds of squeezeboxes, in different registers, at different tempos, with different accompanying instrumentation, in different styles. You get the idea. Also, it gives us a chance to play you on the radio and put you before an uncountably vast audience over the airwaves and online.

To make it easy for you, we have full sheet music available for your perusal — at the top of this post, or downloadable locally as a .PDF over at And for those of you who aren’t visual learners, you can get a ballpark idea of what the canonical version of our theme song sounds like by listening to the master, its composer Andy Fielding, playing substantial flights of solo fancy in this long recording of the theme song right over at (But you can try — in vain — to tighten it up and make it punchier if you want to go shorter-form.)

But really, we invite you to deviate from the norm, for the apple to fall quite some distance from the tree — you’re not going to out-Andy Andy, so you might as well play to your strengths and leave your own mark on the performance or the arrangement. Maybe you want to write some words for it and sing along? Take a crack at it! Taunt us by recording a performance entirely on non-free-reed-aerophone instruments? God bless you, you plucky little rebel. An a capella barbershop quartet arrangement? Well, I’m not sure why you would, but … knock yourself out!

And for you electronic musicians who wouldn’t otherwise be able to figure out where to plug a Cordovox into your patch bay, we are also interested in your remixes and mash-ups. If you inquire, we can provide stems (well, a keyboard track and a bass button track… and if we’re feeling really on the ball, a bellows-creaking track 8)

So your challenge is laid out before you: try to have a recording of your special rendition of our theme song (digital is best, MP3s are fine), in our hands by the last week of November. Cheers & squeeze on!