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Accordion Noir Festival Fundraiser Ringtone Album!

November 30, 2016

Support the Accordion Noir Festival this season by sharing our premier Accordion Noir Ringtone Album! Your favourite Festival artists have donated a stack of cellphone ringtones so you can have Accordion Noir in your pocket all year long!

The Creaking Planks can help if you’re planning to interrupt a boring meeting. Miss Murgatroid‘s electronic accordion feedback will definitely wake you up in the morning. Schedule Jack Garton or Geoff Berner to liven up boring moments at the movie theatre. Even organize a flash-mob to join in at your next accordion concert! Carefully choose your phone’s personal squeezebox anthem by Wendy McNeill, Scott Dunbar, Barbara Adler, Katheryn Peterson, or try out Andy Fielding’s Accordion Noir Theme.



How it works: Send the Accordion Noir Society (sponsor of the Festival) a donation (you decide how much… $5, $20, $500?) and we will send you an epic eight-minute album filled with custom-made ringtones by some of your favorite Accordion Noir Artists. You can read about individual artists and preview tracks here.

Our campaign runs throughout December and we are aiming to raise $3000 to pay for our charitable status application and related set up costs. Your donation to this project will help make future Accordion Noir Festivals possible in a very real way. You can donate via:

  • Donate to the Accordion Noir Festival by PayPal here Donate Button
  • Interac E-Transfer via our email
  • Real-World Donations can also be sent to: Accordion Noir Society #1 – 139 West 11th Ave, Van BC V5Y 1S8, cheques payable to Accordion Noir Society.

Accordion Noir Radio Playlist 2016-11-30, Pauline Oliveros Tribute (with Soundscape Radio)

December 1, 2016

unknown-2In memoriam for Pauline Oliveros who died this week. A pioneer in electronic music since the 1960’s, boundary-breaking experimental accordionists, and a woman and a lesbian in a field dominated by men. We’ll miss her dearly.


I was proud to interview Oliveros and talk about her history with the accordion when she visited Vancouver in 2008. We include a few samples during tonight’s special two-hour broadcast collaboration between Accordion Noir and Co-op Radio’s Soundscape sound-art program (co-hosting with Brady Marks). Oliveros created a link between our disparate programs and it felt good to share this tribute.

Read more…

Accordion Noir radio playlist 2016-11-09: Double Dare Noir

November 17, 2016

Well, we done got confused. First, we were drawn upon to fill an extraordinary second hour before our usual start time, then we found our radio transmitter wasn’t transmitting, and finally we expected a guest to visit who we specifically invited to appear with us one week from now. Well, if you had to come up with 120 minutes of accordion music, your head would be spinning also! In any event, though our radio listeners weren’t hearing anything but static, you can enjoy what our online listeners were enjoying — two hours of accordion music delivered up as an audio stream! If your browser is capable of handling Flash widgets (mobile users: sorry, you’re still out of luck, but we’re working on it) you can point yourself to this link for the first hour, and then to this link here for the second. And if that’s not enough for you, well, you may be interested in our historical Accordion Noir archives with some 300 hours of our first six years on the air tucked away in mp3 format. That ought to be enough for any reasonable human being. But I digress! Here’s the playlist for last night’s epic accordion spree:

* Dsd (Derrick Stacey Denholm) – Throw Another Book on the Fire – Le Petit Bourdon, etc. (2006) – Prince George, BC, Canada – “Tändstickor DSD, Speed the Parting Guests, Newold Folklór Non-Electric” Apt 9, 423 3rd Ave West. Prince Rupert, BC. V8J 1L4, Canada
* Heart Beat Band and others – (Hip) Hop Schwiiz ! (Extended Mix) – The Eve Of Peeni Waali (disc 2) (1999) – Switzerland, etc. –
* Sarakina – Meditation – Junctions – Sarakina (2004) – Poland, Balkan –
* Frode Haltli – Air – Sørensen & Abrahamsen: Air (2016) – Norway –
* Beirut – Nantes – The Flying Club Cup (2007) – Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA –
* Anna Atkinson with David Occhipinti – Lovers – Sky Stacked Full (2016) – Toronto – Halifax, Ontario, Canada –
* 100 Mile House – Hidden Springs – Hiraeth (2016) – Canada / UK – Jason Kodie, acc.
* Juste Robert – Qui De Nous Deux? – Des Autoportraits (2016) – Quebec, Canada – Laurence Petitpas, acc.
* Jack Garton & Demon Squadron – Swim Across the River – Move the Mess Around (2016) – British Columbia, Canada –
* John Spiers & Jon Boden – Prickle-Eye Bush – Ultimate Guide to English Folk (0) – UK –
* Claude Casey & his Pine State Playboys – Little Girl Go and Ask Your Mama – from Kevin Coffey’s collection (1940) – Charlotte, North Carolina, USA – (Keeland “Kid” Clark, acc.)
* David Lange – Dark Runs Cold – Almost Home (2007) – Edgewood (near Seattle), Washington, USA –
* Shoba – Obaba Nxase Be Thandana [Our Parents Were So Close] – Zulu Jive: Zulu Beats from South Africa (1983) – South Africa – ÿflZ
* Hi Neighbor Boys – Zeb Turney’s Stomp – from Kevin Coffey’s collection (1938) – Carolinas, USA – from Kevin Coffey’s collection
* Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird – Birkenau – The Broken Tongue/Dos Tsebrokhene Loshn (2006) – Detroit-New York, USA / Berlin, Germany –
* Brave Combo – Amerika – Polka’s Revenge (2007) – Denton, Texas, USA –
* Carolina Cotton w/Deuce Spriggins – Cachita – from Kevin Coffey’s collection (1946) – Los Angeles, California, USA – (“soundie” soundtrack. Bob Caudana, acc.)
* The Creaking Planks – The Future (after Leonard Cohen) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Suzy – Quero Ser Tua – 2014 Eurovision Song Contest (2014) – Portugal – Rowan’s Eurovision-ing
* Viola Turpeinen – Kaikuja tanssisalista – Viola Turpeinen – American hanuriprinsessa vol. 2 – 1929-1945 (0) – Champion, Michigan, USA / Finland –
* Danças Ocultas – Tristes Europeus – Pulsar (2004) – Portugal –
* La Musgaña – Pasodoble Portugués – 20 (2008) – Spain –
* Totore Chessa – Baronia (Ballu Brincu) – Organittos (1996) – Sardinia, Italy –
* Katheryn Petersen – Accordion Noir Theme Song – (2016) – Vancouver, BC, Canada – All parts were played by me on accordion, toy piano and squeeky chair and all the effects were done live with my pedals and not by robots or in post.
I shot a video to go with it
* Nada Lewis With Panacea – Yanka Devoika – West Coast Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar 2010 (2009) – –

Gosh wow, that’s a ton of music! But there’s more! As if airing two hours of accordion music this week wasn’t enough, we’re presenting three more, live, at Spartacus Books tomorrow night, for our 10th anniversary cabaret! (Some of that, hopefully, will be harnessed for radio purposes on the occasion of our actual anniversary the first week of December, but we’ll see.)

If that all isn’t enough (are you for real?) you can of course keep up with the Accordion Noir crowd on social media, with a special focus on Twitter where @AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce run wild and signal-boost such dank squeezebox memes as they encounter. If your sad situation is such that accordions are better seen than heard, consider hooking up with our Instagram account @AccordionNoirFest, and of course our projects require no fewer than three separate Facebook groups, one for you Accordion Noir fans, one for the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle, and one for our phenomenal Accordion Noir Festival!

And don’t forget — it isn’t quite our 10th anniversary yet, so there’s still time for you to record and submit a celebratory version of you trying out our radio program’s theme song! If you don’t have a microphone… call us up and leave it in our voice mail box!

Cheers & squeeze on!

Accordion Noir 10th anniversary celebration cabaret!

November 14, 2016

six armed squeezebox fade.png

Because you only turn ten once, in addition to our campaign to drum up cover versions of our theme song, we’re throwing a little concert this Friday night (Friday, November 18th) at Spartacus Books (3378 Findlay Street) in celebration of having lasted an entire decade on the air with our impossible little weekly radio program on CFRO Co-Op Community Radio (100.5 fm in Vancouver, BC!)

With the 500th episode behind us, the next milestone was inevitable: the improbable alt-accordion radio program is on track to reach ten years of weekly broadcasts by the first week of December this year. But surely celebrating a decade is worth something a little more special than cramming into a radio booth?

So we decided to invite some of our favorite local accordionists to celebrate with us in concert a little bit before — which we can then record, edit and air on the radio for our actual 10th anniversary 8)

So please come join us with an unforgettable evening of a distinctly Vancouver variety of squeezeboxery featuring: the slow burn of Dawn Zoe, Old World fire from Joana Reis (from Portugal!), rootsy gospel blues with Ana Bon-bon, the theatrical flair of Alison Jenkins, post-doc post-rock with Barbara Adler, avant-garde musical clowning by Accordion Noir Festival director Katheryn Petersen, sublime foolishness from the jug band of the damned the Creaking Planks, and a Very Noir set by our own Squeezebox Circle Orchestra!

Admission by donation, suggested donation starts at $10 (a dollar per year, not bad!), but no one turned away due to lack of funds.

Accordion Noir radio playlist 2016-11-09: Woke Up This Morning

November 10, 2016


When the dust settles, we return to our tasks because accordions that are not busy being squeezed are busy mouldering.

In case you missed it live on the air, you can enjoy last night’s episode of Accordion Noir that Bruce cooked up for you (in a no doubt black mood) by listening to a digital audio stream by clicking on this very link.  (Apologies to would-be mobile listeners — due to reasons beyond our control, Adobe Flash widget required.  We’re working on it.)  And here is its playlist:

* Geoff Berner – I Kind Of Hate Songs With Ambiguous Lyrics – Victory Party (2011) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Aurochs – Four – Another Helpful Medicine (2016) – Toronto, Ontario – Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Ali Berkok, acc.
* The Decemberists – Sons & Daughters – The Crane Wife (2006) – Portland, Oregon, USA –
* Roddie Romero & The Hub City All-Stars – Po’ Boy Walk – Gulfstream (2016) – Lafayette, Louisiana, USA –
* The Tiger Lillies – Money – Two Penny Opera (2001) – United Kingdom –
* Stuart Estell – Close the Windows, Lock the Doors – Mother’s Thinking Bath (2014) – Birmingham, England, UK – Visit
* Art Van Damme Quintet – Soon It’s Gonna Rain – With Art Van Damme in San Francisco (1966)
* Santiago Jiménez, Jr. – El Corrido De Esequiel Hernández – Arhoolie Records 40th Anniversary Collection: 1960–2000 The Journey Of Chris Strachwitz [Disc 5] (1999)
* Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys – Hole in the Boat – SteamShipKillers (2010) – Boston, Massachusetts, USA –
* Geoff Berner – We Are On Our Way to Bremen (Alt – not On Album)) – We Are Going to Bremen to be Musicians (2015) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Frode Haltli & Trondheim Soloists – It Is Pain Flowing Down Slowly on a White Wall – Sørensen & Abrahamsen: Air (2016) – Norway –
* Jenny Vincent Trio – Home Sweet Home – Under The Western Sky (2006) – New Mexico, USA

Though we go on the radio but once a week (it’s clearly not frequently enough, the longer we run this program, the larger our backlog of “to-play” music becomes), you can hear from us more often over social media, where you can feel the pulse of Accordion Twitter through our RTs at @AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce. Alternately, you could join the picture party through our Instagram account @Accordionnoirfest, and for everyone else there’s always our Facebook groups for Accordion Noir fans, the Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle.

It’s no coincidence we’ve never felt so old before — our 10th anniversary is nigh upon us! In a week and a day we’re holding a commemorative concert in celebration of the occasion! We should, uh, post more about it here very, very soon! But if you’re too far away to attend, you can at least send us a cover recording of our theme song to help join in and play a part in the festivities. Consider it!

Accordion Noir radio playlist 2016-11-02: All Accordions Day

November 3, 2016

(“Ghost Accordion” picture by Alexandra Wisniewski)

Here we go again, folks — last night Bruce aired an hour of great accordion tunes representing a diversity of styles and traditions, and if you missed it, you can access a digital audio stream by clicking here on this link from a Flash-equipped web browser. (Apologies to the fans on mobile devices — we’re working on it.) And to help you better appreciate what you’re hearing, here’s the full playlist of the episode:

* Katheryn Petersen – Accordion Noir Theme Song – (2016) – Vancouver, BC, Canada – “All parts were played by me on accordion, toy piano and squeeky chair and all the effects were done live with my pedals and not by robots or in post. I shot a video to go with it.”
* The Jerry Cans – Ukiuq – Inuusiq (2016) – Iqaluit, Nunavit, Canada –
* Bluesqueezebox – Election Day – This Old House (2014) – Austin, Texas, USA –
* Leveret – Northern Lass/The Kings’ Barrows – Ultimate Guide to English Folk (0) – UK –
* Kay Starr – Rock and Roll Waltz – (1957) – –
* Gong Linna – Haohua Hong (Beautiful Red Flower – a song of the Bouyei People in Guizhou) – (2008) – China –
* Myriam Alter – Again – Crossways (2015) – Belgium – Luciano Biondini, acc.
* Hot Club Of Detroit – Hey! – Junction (2012) – Detroit, Michigan, USA – Julien Labro, acc.
* Anne Niepold – Placardesque – Terrain Vague (2011) – Belgium –
* Clay Rendering – Waters Above The Firmament – Waters Above The Firmament (2014) – Michigan, USA –
* Ashton Under Lyne Concertina Prize Band – Barcarolle – Zonophone 6257 (1932) – UK – Recorded c. 14 October 1932 Released December 1932

You heard it here first: the Accordion Noir 10th Anniversary concert will be taking place at Spartacus Books on Friday, November 18th, from 7:30-10:30 pm! Details to follow.

Those decaversary concerts happen only once every ten years; our radio broadcasts are quite a bit more regular, cranked out on a weekly basis… and naturally if you keep up with us on social media you can enjoy a veritable non-stop cavalcade of accordion content and breaking free-reed news. We’re on Twitter at @AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce, over at Instagram account as @Accordionnoirfest, and because we have so many compelling side projects, we have no fewer than THREE groups on Facebook, for Accordion Noir fans, the Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle. (Speaking of which, you must know that the same Squeezebox Circle meets tonight at Spartacus Books from 8-10 pm!)

This week you got to enjoy Katheryn Petersen’s cover recording of our theme song, but we’re still hoping that we’ll get a chance to enjoy yours! There’s slightly under a month remaining on the clock, so please don’t delay!

Accordion Noir Theme Song – the Salmon Avalanche version

October 31, 2016

So, how is your cover version of Andy Fielding’s theme song to our radio program coming along? Between grant applications and emergency fundraising meetings, Accordion Noir Festival director Katheryn Petersen, aka Salmon Avalanche, somehow found a few minutes to get in a little work perfecting hers… it’s extra spooky, so even though the rest of you have a month to get your recordings in (so you’d better get started on them!), we thought we might share this one with you today!

The jellyfish is not only adorable but also historical: long ago, a video loop of jellyfish was part of the standard kit for an avant-garde Salmon Avalanche performance, for example at our Nov 4, 2011 concert of The Accordion Babes (Renee de la Prade and Amber Lee Baker) at Spartacus Books, at which Salmon opened avec jellyfish. So it’s a rich, dense tapestry (what would denseness even mean for a tapestry?) even before you stir in the tension from the reversing motor vehicle. But take it all away… and you’re still left with an awesome, raw sound of anarchic effects pedals and tortured toy piano such as Kath perfected in the burning circus tent of the Vaudeville Vagabonds, yielding an audio score representing, as I described to Katheryn, a perfect soundtrack to Rowan & Bruce slowly going insane live on the air at 2 o’ clock in the morning a decade ago. Basically, it’s everything Accordion Noir was ever meant to be… but that doesn’t mind we wouldn’t appreciate your alternate takes on roads less traveled we could have proceeded down.