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Accordion Noir Radio playlist 2016-07-20: Summertime

July 21, 2016

Good morning all from co-host Rowan and welcome to another installment of “last night’s episode of Accordion Noir radio!”  You can listen to a digital audio stream here, and to help you keep up with what your ears are reporting, here’s a complete playlist of the songs we broadcast last night!

* Jack Garton – Ulysses – Move the Mess Around (2016) – British Columbia, Canada –
* Lakou Mizik – Refleksyon – Benefit Single for the family of Allen Juste (2015) – Haiti – Visit
* Brass Monkey – The Maid And The Palmer – The Acoustic Folk Box (3) (1983) – UK – “Four Decades of the very best acoustic folk music from the British Isles.”
* Amédé Ardoin – Tortope D’Osrun – Cajun – Rare & Authentic: 1929 – 1934 (1934) – Louisiana, USA –
* Voninavoko – Voninavoko – A World Out Of Time, Vol. 2: Henry Kaiser & David Lindley in Madagascar (1993) – Madagascar, Africa –
* ゆや (Yuya) – 楽園 rakuen (Paradise) – Antique Soirée (2016) – Japan – or
* Quartetto Gelato – Tango Congo – 24th Annual Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival, Aug 19-21 (0) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –
* Stuart Estell – Mother’s Thinking Bath – Mother’s Thinking Bath (2014) – Birmingham, England, UK –
* Enoch Kent – The Women O’Dundee – For The Women (2005) – Scotland, Canada – (This is a wedding planning site, hmm, I think somebody stopped paying the registry.)
* Angel Corpus Christi – Theme From Taxi Driver/NY NY – The 80s (1985) – San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA –
* The Murkies – February – Wave-Swept Environment (Live at the Chapel, March 18) (2016) – Seattle, Washington, USA – Kyle Hanson, acc.

Not much to say (well, as guests at a wedding last weekend discovered, ask me about accordions at your peril), so please don’t forget to follow @AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce on Accordion Twitter for breaking developments in the world of free-reed aerophones and … squeeze on!

Accordion Noir Radio playlist 2016-07-13: Folk-Fest Get a Ticket Special

July 14, 2016


You don’t have to be Walter Ostanek to win fabulous prizes… it’s true, folks, there are benefits to being an Accordion Noir Radio listener and supporter — you become eligible to collect from periodic station giveaway contests!  Sometimes it’s just (“just”, ha!) accordion swag.  Other times, it’s free concert tickets!  Last night, it was the latter.  The playlist below reveals that the theme of the evening was touting squeezy performances happening at our local and soon-upcoming Vancouver Folk Music Festival, an incredible weekend of music from around the world.  You can enjoy a digital audio stream of our curated selection from their lineup that made up last night’s episode.

* Geoff Berner – Summer Dress – We Are Going to Bremen to be Musicians (2015) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* The Bills – Overture (Let ‘Em Run) – Let Em Run (2004) – Canada –
* Lakou Mizik – Anba Siklòn – Wa Di Yo (2016) – Haiti –
* Lakou Mizik – Poze – Wa Di Yo (2016) – Haiti – Belony Beniste, acc.
* Oysterband – Mississippi Summer (Alt. Version) – This House Will Stand (2016) – UK –
* Interview at the Peppermint Lounge, 1960? – The Out Things To Do – TWIST (2002) – – From Ron Mann’s film TWIST.
* Geoff Berner – Swing A Chicken 3 Times – We Are Going to Bremen to be Musicians (2015) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* The Bills – The Traveller – Let Em Run (2004) – Canada –
* Lakou Mizik – Peze Kafe – Wa Di Yo (2016) – Haiti –
* Oysterband – The Soul”s Electric – This House Will Stand (2016) – UK –
* Bruce Cockburn – Radiance – Small Source Of Comfort (2011) – Canada – Tim Lauer, acc.
* Lakou Mizik – Panama’m Tonbe – Wa Di Yo (2016) – Haiti –
* Lakou Mizik – Is Fa Ti Bo – Wa Di Yo (2016) – Haiti –

Two passes to the Folk Fest given to supporters!

There’s always more going on — typically you can find out about it at our Squeezebox Circle calendar — so I’ll just give the standard invitation to keep up with us on Twitter for breaking news (@AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce) and invite you to squeeze on!

Accordion Noir Radio playlist 2016-07-06: Spectacular 501st Episode

July 7, 2016

Not a great night for festivities, but then again — when is it?  I suppose if we’d waited a week for our guests it wouldn’t have knocked Geoff Berner for a loop: whatever the catastrophe, there’s always a Victory Party going on.  Well, we pull ourselves together and carry on as best we can; here’s the playlist to last night’s program, and you can listen to a digital audio stream of last night’s show over here!

Not the smoothest episode, but distracted by life. Here because we care enough to make the 501st show.

I tweeted this before the show:

* Geoff Berner – One Shoe – Klezmer Mongrels (2009) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Regina Carter – Death Have Mercy / Breakaway – Southern Comfort (2014) – USA – Will Holshouser, acc.
* Acclarion – English Folk Song 5 by R. Vau – Shattered Expectations (2015) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –
* Very Soa, Magnampy Soa – Antandroy gorodora (accordion) – Madagascar: Spirit Music from the Tamatave Region (2001) – Madagascar, Africa –
* Seychelles Allstars – Anmenn Mwan Dan Lakour – The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Indian Ocean (2002) – Seychelles –
* Taj Mahal meets the Cultural Musical Club of Zanzibar – Naahidi Kulienzi – Mkutano (2005) – USA / Zanzibar, East Africa – Rajab Suleiman, acc.
* Blue Rodeo – Montreal – Casino (1990) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –
* Patty Griffin – Chief – Respond II (2003) – USA – Michael Ramos, acc.
* Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys – Bee De La Manche – Cajun & Zydeco (2001) – Louisiana –
* Natasha Enquist – Weltgeist-Lastelle Breathe Mix – (2015) – Victoria, BC, Canada (and now Berlin, Germany) – (Remixed from her 2016 MNE Record)
* The Jerry Cans – GN Song – Nunavuttitut (2013) – Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada –

Don’t miss out on the monthly Vancouver Squeezebox Circle from 8-10 pm at Spartacus Books tomorrow night, and do make sure to keep up with Bruce and I on Twitter (@accordionbruce, @accordionnoir) — and of course our new Instagram account!  Until next time — keep calm and squeeze on!

Accordion Noir Radio playlist 2016-06-29: Spectacular 500th Episode

June 30, 2016

It didn’t exactly get hyped up here, but we made a stink about it on social media:



It’s true: somehow we’ve lasted through 500 episodes of our weekly radio program. I shared some choice words on the subject:

We sure didn’t expect this when we first went on the air in the middle of the night (2-3 am) in December of 2006: we did it, then we did another one, and then another. Eventually we got to change time slots to live among the daywalkers, and then again, and we didn’t stop doing it, and now here we are: the 500th episode of Accordion Noir! The secret to becoming an institution is apparently just to not stop doing what you’re doing. In almost all of my projects I’ve kept them going long beyond the point where they ceased to be relevant to anyone besides myself, but here at least we seem to have stumbled upon a roiling cauldron of endless renewal: we started with a giant pile of accordion music to share and be done with, but having played at least an hour of it every week for nearly ten years, our “to-play” pile is larger than ever. To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson, perhaps invoked for the first time ever in an accordionic context: “too weird to live, too rare to die”.

Anyhow, both of our guests were a delight, we should have booked an extra hour (because we ended up keeping the conversation going, chatting at the station until midnight!), and here we have a complete playlist with which you can keep up while listening to an audio stream of the show at your convenience!

* Kenosha Kid – Orphan Theme (Slight Return) – Projector (2005) – Athens, Georgia, USA –
* The Three Suns – Anniversary Song – Movin’ ‘n’ Groovin’ (1962) – –

(and this song’s pronounced vibraphone part is why we later discuss Dawn’s grandfather the vibraphonist — a connection we made in conversation while the song was playing but never made explicit on the air)

* Clifton Chenier – Night & Day My Love – Zydeco Dynamite: Anthology (Disc 1) (1960) – Louisiana, USA
* Dawn Zoe – Spacious – Live in the Accordion Noir Studio-o-Rama!
* Geoff Berner – Hustle Advisory –

(and we talked and we talked and we talked — Bruce wanted me to note a tangent (the one tangent, seemingly) he failed to interject here, his idea of the new holiday of Stradella Day, to be celebrated on the 120th day of every year, putting it in the neighbourhood of late April.)

* Geoff Berner – Condos –
* Dawn Zoe – Baby, You’re Already Gone
* Natasha Enquist – Anniversary Waltz – AccNoir-2008-03-07, International Women’s Day! (2008) – Victoria, BC, Canada (and now Berlin, Germany) –
* The Serfs w/Gary Sredzienski – Havana Gila Monster – Live on Local Motives on WMPG in Portland Maine (2004) – Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA –

… and there you have it! There are further festivities ahead — not just our 9th annual Accordion Noir Festival coming up in September, or our own 10th anniversary in December, or the 10th anniversary of the establishment of our Vancouver Squeezebox Circle coming up next March… there are smaller celebrations, like the regular, monthly occurrence of that monthly Squeezebox Circle coming up one week from tonight. And daily celebrations, such as our ceaseless championing of Accordion Twitter over at @accordionnoir and @accordionbruce. (And have you hooked up with our new Instagram account yet?) And then there’s Bruce’s book…

Cheers & squeeze on! Here’s to 500 more!

Accordion Noir Radio playlist 2016-06-22: Midsummer Wednesday

June 23, 2016

texas blues destroyers

Greetings all from Rowan, Accordion Noir Radio’s behind-the-scenes whiz.  Bruce aired a ton of excellent music last night, and you can listen to a stream of it right here.  So you can cultivate a deeper understanding of just what it is you’ve been listening to, here follows its complete playlist!

* The Cellar Boys – Wailing Blues (take B) – Frank Teschemacher – Eddie Condon 1928-30 (1930) – Chicago, Illinois, USA – “Mystery accordionist,”
* Sour Mash Hug Band – Song Of The Eyes – Accordion Babes 2012 (2011) –
* Rhett Miller, Black Prairie – Kiss Me On The Fire Escape – The Traveler (2015) – Portland, Oregon, USA – Jenny Conlee
* Bon Débarras – Ti Galop Pour La Pointe-aux-Pins – Errance (2013) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada –
* Johnny Meyer – Rebop Continental – Jazz Accordion, Vol. 1 Out of France (1913/1949) (1947) – The Netherlands
* The Texas Blues Destroyers – Down the Mouth Blues – (1924) – Bubber Miley (trumpet), Arthur Ray (reed organ)
* The Three Suns – Vagabond King Waltz – Movin’ ‘n’ Groovin’ (1962)
* Zulya – The Wolf And The Moon – 3 Nights (2007) – Tatarstan, Russia, Australia – I always think this sounds like the old SF film “Silent Running.”
* Tony Turner – I Still Want You – Love & Other Attractions (2015) – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Bob Stagg, acc.
* Bluesqueezebox – Bei Mir Bistu Shein – This Old House (2014) – Austin, Texas, USA – –
* The Virginians (Mario Perry, acc) – Hurdy-Gurdy Blues – Library of Congress National Jukebox (1923) – New York City, New York State, USA – Trombone, 2 cornets, tuba, piano, banjo, accordion, and 2 saxophones
* Bob Arbuckle, Verner Mikkelson, and N. Roy Clifton – The Varsouvianna – Old Time Couple Dances, Fiddle and Accordion (1961) – Ontario, Canada – Verner Mikkelson, acc.

There are other critical squeezy matters Bruce would like you to be aware of, which he no doubt discussed at great length on last night’s show.  Clif Tipton, who you can hear in this episode as “Bluesqueezebox”, is coming out the other end of a round of liver transplant surgeries — and his doctors have forbidden him from lifting anything that weighs more than 10 pounds… which rules out most accordions.  But since depriving him of the therapeutic effects of sweet music would be inhuman, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help him acquire a digital accordion — you can find out more about it here!

Also, you may well be aware of Renee de la Prade’s ongoing Accordion Babe Pin-Up Calendar / Album project: after taking a year off (due to relocating halfway around the planet), they’re back in the saddle, crowdfunding for a 2017 calendar as well through the novel mechanism of … taking pre-orders, which they were always doing anyway.  You can pledge your dollars to this excellent cause over here.

And finally, a plug for a local concert coming up this weekend: Accordion Noir Presents: Button-String Solidarity at Spartacus Books this Saturday night, June 25th, featuring the Violent Violins, the Creaking Planks, and Tsunami Pinata from Washington State!  (And, as always, you can find quite a more extensive list of local squeezy events going on over at the Squeezebox Circle website.)

That’s all for now — until next week.  Big news coming up!  Cheers & squeeze on!

Accordion Noir Radio playlist 2016-06-15: On into Pride

June 16, 2016


“Reading Rainbow”, Accordion parts, gaffer tape, spraypaint, 7 x 17 x 12, 2009

Greetings everyone, Rowan here to let you all know that Bruce’s episode of Accordion Noir Radio last night is now available for streaming, and here is a complete playlist to explain what you’re listening to.  (Pauline Oliveros – perhaps the most ongoingly-interesting of Bill Hughes’ pupils — can have that effect on some people.)  Accordionists have been somewhat of a musical underclass since 1960, so we must appreciate better than most the need to proudly support and celebrate the diversity of those different from us — be they concertinas, bandoneons or bayans.

* CAN – Musette – Unlimited Edition (1969) – Germany
* Andy Fielding – Accordion Noir theme (short version, 1:06) – Accordion Noir (2010) – Vancouver, BC, Canada – recorded special just for our show!,%2004feb10%29.pdf
* Juliette Daum – Orlando Sleepeth – Juliette Et Le Concertina (2006) – France/Wisconsin –
* Nancy Wallace – The Welcome Sailor – The Rough Guide To English Folk (0) – England –
* Pauline Oliveros – The Wanderer – The Wanderer (1984) – California, USA – drums kick in for the minimalist bit at 8:13 ish –
* The Klezmatics – Bulgars/The Kiss – Jews With Horns (1995) – New York City, New York State, USA – (“Inspired by an ACT UP kiss-in in New York.)
* Elliot Vaughan – Rose’s Gift II – The Musical Miniatures Of From Whence He Came (2011) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Dino Saluzzi – Huellas… – Senderos (2005) – Argentina –
* Iva Nova – Further Than Far – Iva Nova (2003) – St. Petersburg, Russia –
* Jason Webley – Against The Night – Against The Night (1999) – Everett, Washington, USA –
* Bob Arbuckle, Verner Mikkelson, and N. Roy Clifton – The Varsouvianna – Old Time Couple Dances, Fiddle and Accordion (1961) – Ontario, Canada – Verner Mikkelson, acc.

Accordion Noir Radio playlist 2016-06-08: Jenny Vincent and Friends

June 9, 2016

Jenny Vincent as a young women playing her accordion

Bruce broke his long blog silence to write up the achievements of Jenny Vincent just a week ago or so following her recent death at the age of 103, and now he has fortified his words by making her life in folk music and activism the focus of an entire episode of Accordion Noir Radio, aired last night!  You can listen to a stream of the episode at your convenience over here.

And here’s its playlist!


* Johanna Juhola – 110 Fantasia Tango M – ESC2007 (0) – Helsinki, Finland –
* Andy Fielding – Accordion Noir theme (long version, 2:30) – Accordion Noir (2010) – Vancouver, BC, Canada – recorded special just for our show!,%2004feb10%29.pdf
* The Decemberists – June Hymn – We All Raise Our Voices To The Air: Live Songs 04.11-08.11 [Disc 2] (2012) – Portland, Oregon, USA –
* Jenny Vincent Trio – El Chotis – Spanish American Dance Tunes Of New Mexico – W.P.A. 1936-1937 (2000) – New Mexico, USA –
* Jenny Vincent Trio – Vals Mexicana – Under The Western Sky (2006) – New Mexico, USA –
* Jenny Vincent Trio – Vals De Los Paños – Spanish American Dance Tunes Of New Mexico – W.P.A. 1936-1937 (2000) – New Mexico, USA –
* Lonesome Leash – Pleased to Meet You – Precious Futures (2015) – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA –
* Tango No. 9 – Luz Y Sombra – Here Live No Fish (2007) – San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA – with Isabel Douglass, acc.
* Golem – Bublichki Remix – (0) – New York, New York, USA –
* Los Super Seven – Learning The Game (Rodney Crowell, voc. Flaco Jimenez, acc.) – Heard It On The X (2005) – – Flaco Jimenez, acc. Check out the book: Border Radio, Quacks, Yodelers, Pitchmen, Psychics, and Other Amazing Broadcasters of the American Airwaves. by Gene Fowler and Bill Crawford (2002).
* Los Portenos del Norte – En esta tarde gris – Los Portenos del Norte (2011) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Jenny Vincent Trio – Atotonico – Under The Western Sky (2006) – New Mexico, USA –
* Jenny Vincent Trio – La Varsovania – Spanish American Dance Tunes Of New Mexico – W.P.A. 1936-1937 (2000) – New Mexico, USA –
* Les Tireux D’roches – La Servante / Gigue Du Père Mathias – Roches… Papier, Ciseaux! (2006) – Québec, Canada –

Bruce wanted me to direct your attention to the Squeezebox Circle calendar of local one-off and recurring accordionic events.  Just announced – Accordion Noir Presents the Creaking Planks with Tsunami Piñata & the Violent Violins at Spartacus Books June 25th!  Cheers & squeeze on!


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