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Accordion Noir 2023-03-29: Farewell Squeeze from March

March 28, 2023

Greetings, accordion friends! This week our subscribers are in for a treat: they’re eligible to receive this week’s episode of CFRO’s weekly hour-long Accordion Noir broadcast an entire day early! Why is it so on top of its game this time around? I have no idea! Similarly, I cannot discern what its theme is, beyond the default: a heady melange of squeezebox musics in different styles, representing different cultural traditions from around the planet! (Not bad, as far as boilerplate goes!) If your Apple or Android (or plain old RSS) podcast subscriptions (strongly recommended!) haven’t alerted you to the episode’s availability yet, you can enjoy listening to it as digital audio courtesy of the Internet Archive. Here’s its playlist:

AccNoir–2023-03-29, Fairwell Squeeze from March

* Support Vancouver Girls Rock Camp! –
* ‟The Many Voices of Accordion Noir, PRA 100.5 FM” – Newfoundland, Canada – tune “Boyd’s Cove Singles” – The Dardanelles (2009) – Newfoundland, Canada –
* Accordion Tribe – ‟Gras” – Sea Of Reeds (2002) – Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, USA, Austria –
* The Old Swan Band – ‟Winster Gallop / Four Hand Reel / Dark Girl Dressed In Blue” (1977) – This Label Is Not Removable (A Celebration Of 25 Years Of Free Reed) [Disc 2] –
* Mano Negra – ‟Patchuko Hop” – Puta’s Fever (1989) – Paris, France –
* Kate & Anna McGarrigle – ‟As Fast As My Feet” – Odditties (2010) – Quebec, Canada –
* Lynn Marie and the Boxhounds – ‟Norman” – Lynnmarie & The Boxhounds (2003) – Nashville, Tennessee, USA –
* Sara Salvérius – ‟Grote Kleine Beer” – Equinox (2021) – Ghent, Belgium –
* Dhatri – ‟Rajasthani Melody” – Where Expression Meets Harmony (2008) – Bangalore, India –
* Maria Mazzotta – ‟Lu pisci spada” – Amoreamaro (2020) – italy / Madagascar –  Bruno Galeone, acc
* The Acorn – ‟Kindling To Cremation” – No Ghost (2010) – Quebec, Canada –
* Jerry O’Brien, John Connors – ‟Cuckoo’s Nest Reel” – O’Byrne De Witt (9-100 B) 78 rpm Record (193) – New York City / Ireland –
* Sharon Shannon – ‟The Duke Of York’s Troope” – Out The Gap (1995) – County Clare, Ireland –
* The Dukhs, Yves Lambert et Le Bébert Orchestra – ‟Buvons mes chers amis” – Bal à l’huile (2009) – Quebec, Canada – http://www.lebalalhuile.com
* Geoff Berner – ‟Ikh Krakh Tomid Arayn In Der Zelber Mashin” – We Are Going To Bremen To Be Musicians (2015) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Denis Azor – ‟Ala Li Là (Segâ)” – The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Indian Ocean (2002) – Mauritius, Indian Ocean, East Africa –
* Jenny Conlee & Steve Drizos – ‟The Sign” – French Kayaking Music (2015) – Portland, Oregon, USA –

Thanks for reading us here (and hopefully listening to us, there), but if you find you want more, you can always keep up with us on … well, we’re putting our Twitter on the back burner indefinitely in pursuit of sunnier pastures, such as Mastodon at and, Instagram (@AccordionNoirFest), and Facebook at Accordion Noir fansthe Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle.  Cheers & squeeze on!

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