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Accordion Crimes episode #5 – Billy Kennedy – portland legend

March 26, 2023

As you’ve probably noticed recently, our “what we aired ten years previously” file is hitting a rough patch of lost recordings, leaving us with no archival material to share with you Mondays. But rather than leave you hanging, we’re filling in the blanks with episodes of Mike Danner’s lost “Accordion Crimes” podcast, which we took the liberty of mirroring back when they were still available. In these wild sessions, the accordion-playing host would hang out with a worthwhile Portland songwriter and the two of them would jam out on some of the gues’ts tunes. This recording was made circa 2005, and his guest was Billy Kennedy, who seems to have been a PDX luminary since at least the early ’80s but perhaps never became that well known outside of his stomping ground. He seems to have made a mark in 1984 as part of Special K and in a 2020 interview is described as being homeless, so … I hope he’s doing OK out there. If any of our Portland-based listeners have any further details to share, we’d be happy to update this blurb.

Accordion Crimes Radio is a web-based music show hosted by the singing and accordion-playing Mike Danner. With each episode Mike sits down with a different guest; they record a batch of songs, have a chat, and invite you to listen in on the fun.

Billy Kennedy

Portland Ore legend Billy Kennedy is a singer and songwriter of intense imagination and wit. He is adored here in Portland for his warm personality, spontanious antics, and true originality. Here Billy sits down with accordion-playing Mike Danner and performs original songs; some decades old, others made up on the spot.

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