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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2023-03-22: “Tides” Jenny Conlee Record Releasin’

March 22, 2023

We’ve been big boosters of folk-rocker Jenny Conlee since way back here at Accordion Noir. When Bruce got word that she had a new album out — “Tides“, a pandemic project exploring Greek musical modality and the coast of the Pacific Northwest (and also some piano pieces, no less worthwhile but somewhat beyond our free-reed scope) — he was excited at the chance to hype it up for our listeners… and even more enthused at an opportunity to once again interview Conlee on our program! So here she is, providing the core of last night’s episode of our weekly, hour-long broadcast from CFRO Co-Op Community Radio, bookended by other recordings by other virtuous and talented women of the accordion world. If your Apple or Android (or plain old RSS) podcast subscriptions (strongly recommended!) haven’t alerted you to the episode’s availability yet, you can enjoy listening to it as digital audio courtesy of the Internet Archive. Here’s its playlist:

* Suad Bushnaq – ‟Bless This Mess” – Blissful State of Surrender (2022) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada / Jordan – Adis Sirbubalo, acc
* Edith Butler – ‟Danse Carrée” – Ça Swingue (1992) – New Brunswick, Canada / Acadia –
* Jenny Conlee – ‟Ocean” – Tides (2022) – Portland, Oregon, USA –
* Jenny Conlee – ‟Wind” – Tides (2022)
* Jenny Conlee – ‟Sand” – Tides (2022)
* 3 Leg Torso – ‟Elliot’s Dream” – Astor In Paris (2003) – Portland, Oregon, USA –
* Jet Black Pearl – ‟Slug Song” – Accordion Babes 2014 (2013) – France/Netherlands –
* Accordion Tribe – ‟Dolores” – Accordion Tribe (1998) – Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, USA, Austria –
* Jenny Conlee – ‟Sunset” – Tides (2022)
* Jenny Conlee & Steve Drizos – ‟Genevieve’s Theme” – French Kayaking Music (2015) – Portland, Oregon, USA –
* Jenny Conlee & Steve Drizos – ‟Nostalgia (Accordion)” – French Kayaking Music (2015)
* Les Sœurs Boulay – ‟Des Shooters De Fort Sur Ton Bras” – Le poids des confettis (2013) – Montréal, Québec, Canada –  Josiane Hébert, acc.
* Quinn & Qristina Bachand – ‟Loch Mountain / Yellow Tinker / The Girl Who Broke My Heart” – Family (2011) – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – (Adrian Dolan, acc)

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