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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2023-03-15: More Women’s Month of Music

March 17, 2023

As with last week’s episode, this week’s new episode of CFRO Co-Op Community Radio’s Accordion Noir radio broadcast again focused on the theme of women in the accordion world. Many genres, locations and eras are represented, but again, all of the song selections nonetheless have a couple of things in common. If your Apple or Android (or plain old RSS) podcast subscriptions (strongly recommended!) haven’t alerted you to the episode’s availability yet, you can enjoy listening to it as digital audio courtesy of the Internet Archive. Here’s its playlist:

AccNoir–2023-03-15, More Women’s Month of Music

Good set of music tonight! (Bruce)

* Girls Rock Camp Vancouver –
* ‟The Many Voices of Accordion Noir, PRA 100.5 FM” – tune “Boyd’s Cove Singles” – The Dardanelles (2009) – Newfoundland, Canada –
* Zydepunks – ‟Andropov/Polka Félix” – Exile Waltz (2006) – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA – Eve Venema, acc – https://zydepunks.bandcamp.com
* Random Order – ‟Less Is More” – Not A Perfect World (1995) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – https://randomorder.bandcamp.com 
* angel corpus christi – ‟She Said” – Live in Manchester (1994) – New York / California, USA –
* Julieta Venegas – ‟Otra Cosa” – Otra Cosa (2010) – Mexico City –
* Puseletso Seema & Tau ea Linare – ‟Tsetala Linare” – He O Oe Oe ! (1985) – Lesotho, Southern Africa – http://www.globalgroovers.blogspot.com
* Eva Ybarra Y Su Conjunto – ‟Las Palmeras (Cumbia)” – Romance Inolvidable (1996) – San Antonio, Texas, USA –
* Laura Jurd – ‟Little Opener ft. Frode Haltli” – The Big Friendly Album (2022) – London, England, UK / Norway – https://laurajurd.bandcamp.com Frode Haltli, acc.
* Isabelle Boulay – ‟Les Grands Espaces” – Les Grands Espaces (2011) – Quebec, Canada –
* Eliza Carthy – ‟Mohair” – Rough Music (2005) – Yorkshire, England, UK –
* The Gay – ‟Dirty Whispers” – You Know The Rules (2003) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –  Maija Martin, acc.
* Firelight Trio – ‟Prinsens Polska” – Firelight Trio (2023) – Scotland, UK – https://firelighttrio.bandcamp.com
Ruth Morris, nyckelharpa; Gavin Marwick, fiddle; Phil Alexander, acc / piano
* Gloria Deluxe – ‟My Head And Feet Are Swollen” – Gloria Deluxe (1999) – Brooklyn, New York, USA – Cynthia Hopkins, acc.
* Kat Danser – ‟Baptized by the Mud” – Baptized by the Mud (2013) – Edmonton, Alberta  Canada – Darryl Havers, acc.
* Sara Salvérius – ‟Eenzame Raaf” – Trapped in Sight (2018) – Ghent, Belgium – https://sarasalverius.bandcamp.com

Thanks for reading us here (and hopefully listening to us, there), but if you find you want more, you can always keep up with us on … well, we’re putting our Twitter on the back burner indefinitely in pursuit of sunnier pastures, such as Mastodon at and, Instagram (@AccordionNoirFest), and Facebook at Accordion Noir fansthe Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle.  Cheers & squeeze on!

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