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Accordion Crimes episode #3 – Don Ralph – life in a blender

March 12, 2023

It’s been a while since this last happened, but we’ve hit another gap in our historical archives. We continued airing weekly episodes of Accordion Noir on CFRO Co-Op Community Radio in March of 2013… presumably… but for whatever reason (usually: we thought we had it backed up, but we were wrong) we have no records of those episodes airing — no recordings, and not even any playlists.

But fortunately for you we have a plan B. In its place, we offer up our third mirrored episode of the discontinued and since-disappeared Accordion Crimes Radio podcast, hosted by Mike Danner of Portland. He got there before we did, took the name we might otherwise have laid claim to, and was sharing his stuff on MySpace before we made it to that particular party. Then he lost it all, but before he did — we had made copies! The episode we’re sharing today dates approximately to 2005, a year before our own first episode, and like all of them it features our host, in his typical way, accompanying on his accordion other meritorious songwriters he crosses paths with. This time around the songwriter in question is Life In A Blender‘s Don Ralph (now styled Don Rauf, if you like) from New York, who has also done good work with Susan Hwang (an NYC-area Accordion Babe who should be on your radar) and another Brooklyn accordionist John Linnell, who has also enjoyed some success with his accordion in a little band called They Might Be Giants — perhaps you have heard of it? This time around, however, all of the squeezing is the handiwork of your host Mike Danner.

Accordion Crimes Radio [was[ a web-based music show hosted by the singing and accordion-playing Mike Danner. With each episode Mike sits down with a different guest; they record a batch of songs, have a chat, and invite you to listen in on the fun.

Don Ralph

3 – Don Ralph – life in a blender

Don Ralph’s delightfully dark creations are full of humor and heart. As frontman for New York’s beloved Life In A Blender, Don and his crack team of musicians and scientists have crafted some truly masterful Pop gems not to be missed. Here, its just Don and accordionist Mike Danner, as they play an assortment of Don’s songs for an episode of Accordion Crimes Radio.

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