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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2012-09-05: Rowan Banjoin’

September 5, 2022
AccNoir 2012-09-05


From ten years ago, here’s episode 301 of CFRO Co-Op Community Radio’s weekly Accordion Noir broadcast.  What are these scurrilous banjo allegations relating to?  I don’t know, we had just done our Banjo Noir underdog instrument special the year before, but it does fall outside our usual scope.  Or was Laughin’ Bruce just making some humorous rhyming free association?  This far after the fact, it’s unlikely we’ll ever know for sure just what was going on.  In any case, you can enjoy listening to it as digial audio  courtesy of the Internet Archive.  Here’s its playlist:

AccNoir-2012-09-05, Rowan Banjoin’

* Stolen Babies – The Button Has Been Pushed – There Be Squabbles Ahead (2006) – Oakland, CA, USA –

* Tsar Nicholas III & the Exiles – Bar at the Bottom of the Sea – Letter of Marque (2009) – UK –

* The Outside Track – Caroline of Edinburgh Town – Curious Things Given Wings (2010) – Cape Breton Island, Canada – Fiona Black, acc.

* Marin Nasturica, Sonata Quintette, Ho Thi The Van (Piano) – Fugue En Do Mineur – Nasturica Virtuoso (1995) – Romania / MontrŽal, QuŽbec, Canada –

* Ti-Coca & Wana-Ngs – Simbo Dio – Vancouver Folk Festival Sampler 2011 (0) – Haiti –

* Johnny Banjo – Banjo Lovin’ Hound Dog – Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands Vol 1 (0) – –

* Art Van Damme – I’m Shooting High – Accordion ˆ la Mode (1961) – Norway, Michigan, USA –

* True Jive Pluckers – Soledad – Three Days in February (2008) – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – Jonathan Goldman, bando–eon.

* Terry Jacks – There’s No Blood In Bone – He did an earlier version of this song with The Chessmen. – Vancouver, BC, Canada – He did this song with The Chessmen.

* Riccardo Tesi – Pastorale: Eni Ma Vieni – Acqua Foco E Vento (2001) – Italy (“New traditional music from Tuscany.) –

* The Weather Station – Waltz – The Line (2009) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Tamara Lindeman, acc…

* Korpiklaani – Palovana – Tervaskanto (2007) – Finland –

* Janet Klein And Her Parlor Boys – When Jenny Does Her Lowdown Dance (1926) – Put A Flavor To Love (1926) – Los Angeles, California, USA –

* Loose Acoustic Trio – Banjo Blues – Brand New Mind (2005) – Sacramento, California, USA –

* Jean Goldkette orchestra – Here Comes the Show Boat – (1927) – Kansas City? –

De Danann – Hibernian Rhapsody – County Galway, Ireland (etc) –

* Mila na Utamaduni (Culture Musical Club) – Haya Maumbile Yangu – Spices Of Zanzibar (1998) – Zanzibar, Africa / Arabic? –

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