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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2012-08-01: Papa-Rowan’s Return

August 2, 2022
AccNoir 2012-08-01


Thanks again to Sam for the original art!

Accordion Noir co-host / street team hype man Rowan here.  My eldest daughter just turned ten years old, which means that ten years ago in Accordion Noir broadcasting… I was taking some time off from community radio to perfect my diaper-changing technique.  (On one occasion, I actually rushed to the radio station with my newborn in a car seat to hold down an episode of the Friday Sound Resistance program, reasoning that even if the baby spent the whole time wailing, we could keep the mics off and just sneak in station IDs when she was reloading and sneaking a breath.  For the record, the baby snoozed blissfully through the entire program.  Maybe we should have done it more often!)  Following a month off, it seems I returned to the studio here, in episode 296 of our weekly program on CFRO Co-Op Community Radio.  I don’t believe that any of the programming in this episode reflects my new parental status, but I think my impish musical tastes do return to inform our selections a bit.  If you like, you can enjoy listening to it again as digital audio via the Internet Archive.  Here’s its playlist:

AccNoir-2012-08-01, Papa-Rowan’s Return

* Attwenger – Muamen – Sun (2002) – Linz, Austria –

* Antti Paalanen – Breathe – Breathbox (2011) – Finland –

* Dj NoNo – Just Lose The Accordion (Eminem vs Myron Floren) – (0) –

* Iva Nova – The Moon Has Risen – Iva Nova (2003) – St. Petersburg, Russia –

* Zeellia – Come Ivan – Willow Bridge (2004) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –

* Babsley – Tango – Yeldyrina Sloboda (2001) – St. Petersburg, Russia –

* Fie Schouten – Exercise No. 3 – Spielzeug (2009) –

* Vladimir Sidorov – Concerto d’Aranguez, 2ieme Mouvement – Boite a Musique (2006) – Russia / Montreal, Quebec, Canada –

* Reveillons! – C’ Pas Des Menteries – Malbrough N’est Pas Mort (2008) – MontrŽal, QuŽbec, Canada –

* Babsley / ?a?c?e? – Pro ljubov’ v odno slovo – ?? ?? For You? (2005) – St. Petersburg, Russia –

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