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Accordion Crimes episode #2 – Nathan Moore – ThaMuseMent

July 18, 2022

Earlier this year, we came up with an interesting idea — of covering for gaps in our back catalogue by celebrating the run of Mike Danner’s earlier, defunct and extinguished Portland, Oregon-based “Accordion Crimes” podcast, that we had kept mirrors of “just in case.” Since warming you all up to the idea, we’ve only gotten around to sharing one single episode from its brief run, but there are more. We’ve got a gap in the target area of our archives this week, so it makes for an excellent excuse to share with you the second episode of Mike Danner’s Acccordion Crimes podcast, featuring the music of Nathan Moore (who appears to be still at it as of 2022!) From way back in 2004 — 18 years ago! (two years prior to our launch) — you can listen to it here, courtesy of the Internet Archive.

Accordion Crimes Radio [was] a web-based music show hosted by the singing and accordion-playing Mike Danner. With each episode Mike sits down with a different guest; they record a batch of songs, have a chat, and invite you to listen in on the fun.

Nathan Moore

2 – Nathan Moore – thamusement

Nathan Moore is a deeply talented and prolific songwriter and a genuine modern troubadour. As co-founder of the unique gypsy/folk/jam band ThaMuseMeant, he has criss-crossed this country countless times earning praise for the band’s lively shows as well as for their 10 released albums. As a solo artist, he has put out 9 additional records and can boast a catalog of over a thousand original songs. These here are from an episode of Accordion Crimes Radio, where he and accordionist Mike Danner play a collection from his oeuvre; some brand new, and others his fans will recognize. Don’t miss these!

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