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Accordion Noir 2022-04-06, Accordion Fundraiser for Ukraine

April 6, 2022

🪗 🇺🇦🪗 Hi, Bruce from Accordion Noir here. I want to ask you to join Accordion Noir fans in raising $1,000 in humanitarian aid for Ukraine! 🇺🇦🪗 🇺🇦

Donate directly to the great organization (Razom means “Together” in Ukrainian).

Listen to Accordion Noir 2022-04-06, Accordion Fundraiser for Ukraine, with special guest host Dan Rosenberg!
Accordions for Ukraine (in neon!), with permission of Russian designer Alexander Chetvertnoi

What’s an accordion worth? How about $1,000 of humanitarian aid for Ukraine! This week at Accordion Noir I find myself in the process of buying a weird used “harmonéon 🪗 from France. (It’s in the mail now 📦😬, hope it makes it here safe. More after tonight’s playlist below ↓)

While waiting for this fine thing, I’ve been following the terrible news from Ukraine, and hearing from musician friends with connections there. I figured Accordion Noir Fans might want to help raise $1,000 of humanitarian aid to send to Ukraine (the cost of a pretty good accordion). Musicians should appreciate the value of sharing “an instrument’s worth” of support for the lives of people in conflict.

If you’re able to donate to (or your choice of another way to support the people of Ukraine) let us know in the comments below, or by email, on social media at my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or at the Accordion Noir twitter or Accordion Noir Fans FB group. We hope to hear from you, and we’ll report on the progress of the fund drive to send an accordion’s worth of aid! (If we each donate the cost of a 12 bass, we can get a 120 bass-size donation together.)

Accordion Friends of Ukraine:

Follow 🪗ist Maria Sonevytsky for updates on Ukraine and its musical culture. Her book Wild Music: Sound and Sovereignty in Ukraine is a great introduction to Ukrainian musical culture and the people working for it amidst the current violence.

Thanks to Franz Nicolay who suggested donations through
Read Franz’s account of musician’s lives during wartime in Ukraine.

Tonight’s episode of Accordion Noir Radio featured special guest host Dan Rosenberg who just about wrote the book on Ukrainian Music. Thanks so much for sharing your love for Ukraine with us Dan!

The Playlist for tonight’s Accordion Noir: 2022-04-06, An Accordion Fundraiser for Ukraine

 If your Apple or Android (or plain old RSS) podcast subscriptions (strongly recommended!) haven’t alerted you to the episode’s availability yet, you can enjoy listening to it as digital audio courtesy of the Internet Archive

Swearing! Ukrainian musicians get quoted cursing Russian dictators on the show (I believe we’re allowed to do that late at night in Canada if it has artistic value). Read more here: Ukraine’s Musicians Orchestrate Massive ‘Fuck You’ to Putin

  • Walter Martella and Karina Inkster – ‟Powell River Accordion Festival PRA” – (2022) – Powell River, British Columbia, Canada –
  • ‟The Many Voices of Accordion Noir, PRA 100.5 FM” – tune “Boyd’s Cove Singles” – The Dardanelles (2009) – Newfoundland, Canada –
  • Lemon Bucket Orkestra – ‟Odessa Bulgarish” – Lume, Lume (2012) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –
  • Dan Rosenberg – ‟Dan R introducing Hudaki Village Band”
  • Hudaki Village Band – ‟Voice memo from Yuri Bukovynets” – Ukraine / Ukrainian Carpathians –
  • Hudaki Village Band – ‟Dana Maye Dana” – Yo! – Ukraine / Ukrainian Carpathians –
  • Dan Rosenberg – ‟Dan R introducing Hudaki Village Band Come My Dear Love”
  • Hudaki Village Band – ‟Come, My Dear Love” – Vandruj! – Ukraine / Ukrainian Carpathians –
  • Dan Rosenberg – ‟Dan introducing Luman Seidjalilov”
  • Luman Seidjalilov & Remzi Seidjalilov – ‟Tym-Tym” – Legend of Crimean Tatar Music (2004) – Ukraine – More about the history of Crimean Tatars:
  • Dan Rosenberg – ‟Dan introducing Yiddish Glory Transnistrian Lullaby”
  • Anna Shternshis – ‟Anna Shternshis speaking about Transninstian Lullaby, a song written in 1942 by a young mother in the middle of World War II in Ukraine” – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –
  • Yiddish Glory – ‟Transnistrian Lullaby” – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –
  • Dan Rosenberg – ‟Dan Introducing Mariana Sadovska”
  • Mariana Sadovska – ‟Mariana Sadovska on trying to speak to friends in Ukraine plus doing benefit concerts” – Ukraine –
  • Marianna Sadovska – ‟Cycle of Wedding Songs: Oi zasvity maty svichku / Sy plavalo sire utia / Za khatoiu / Dai u sinechkakh” – Songs I Learned In Ukraine (2001) – Ukraine –
  • DakhaBrakha – ‟Karpatskyi Rep” – Light (2014) – Kyiv, Ukraine –
  • Zeellia – ‟Na Potochku Prala / Oh Help Me God” – Zeellía (1998) – Vancouver, BC, Canada / Ukraine – Marian Rose, acc

Thanks so much for listening. Let us know in the comments or on social media if you’re able to donate. And yes, here is the squeezebox that started this effort to give back #AccordionsForUkraine

Cardboard box, closed with packing-tape. It ithe size of the accordion in its case inside. Sitting on a tile floor.
An accordion like this is on its way to me. Let’s match it with many packages of humanitarian aid to Ukraine!
Black and silver chromatic button accordion with large maker's script on the front in chrome: Maugein. It is unusual because it has large black melody buttons on both the right and left side. There are no small stradella buttons on the left hand.
The unusual French “harmonéon” on its way to me is like this one. Except my melody bass buttons are inverted vertically from this one. The big left-hand bass buttons mirror the right side — no stradella chords, just individual notes. Neat! 🪗 😎

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