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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2022-03-23: Equal for Equinox

March 24, 2022
AccNoir 2022-03-23
Pretty sure Rowan chose this image for the title. We’ll get Sara’s music on the program next week. 🪗 Bruce

Last night’s episode of CFRO Co-Op Community Radio’s weekly Accordion Noir broadcast is very in our wheelhouse, featuring songs in a bafflingly wide array of genres from all over the globe, with strong representation from women accordionists (for IWD!) and a slow arc toward social justice. If your Apple or Android (or plain old RSS) podcast subscriptions (strongly recommended!) haven’t alerted you to the episode’s availability yet, you can enjoy listening to it as digital audio courtesy of the Internet Archive. Here’s its playlist:

AccNoir-2022-03-23, Equal for Equinox

Ukrainian Fundraiser this Friday: Vancouver Ukrainian Women’s group Zeellia (with our friend Alison Jenkins on accordion), March 25 (local and streaming):
Donate and Support: The Canada-Ukraine Foundation:

Tonight’s Playlist (with more events and fundraisers):

* Walter Martella and Karina Inkster – ‟Powell River Accordion Festival PRA” –  (2022) – Powell River, British Columbia, Canada –

* “The Many Voices of Accordion Noir, PRA 100.5 FM” – tune “Boyd’s Cove Singles” – The Dardanelles (2009) – Newfoundland, Canada –

* The Cabarats – ‟Mess” – Out Of The Bag (2017) – Plymouth, Plymouth, United Kingdom –

* Zeellia – ‟Day Breaks” – Tse Tak Bulo / That’s How It Was (2016) – Vancouver, BC, Canada / Ukraine – Ukrainian Fundraiser Show, March 25 (local and streaming):

Donate and Support: The Canada-Ukraine Foundation:

* Suad Bushnaq – ‟Sue & Emir Dance by the Sea” – Blissful State of Surrender (2022) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada / Jordan – Adis Sirbubalo, acc

* Gotan Project – ‟El Capitalismo Foraneo” – Asthmatic Worm (2002) – Paris, France –

* Hannah James and Toby Kuhn – ‟In the Gloaming” – Sleeping Spirals (2021) – UK –

* Balún – ‟Senecio (Revisited)” – While Sleeping (2004) – Puerto Rico –    “Balún are three kids from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. They are named Angélica, José and Andrés. They like to make dreamy electro-acoustic melodies for imaginary films.”

* Manu Champagne, Didier Laloy and Damien Chierici – ‟The Man Who Sold the World” – Folk Nevermind (2022) – Belgium – (Folk versions of Nirvana songs)

* Youssra El Hawary – ‟Bas Kollo Yehoon” – No’oum Nasyeen (2017) – Cairo, Egypt, North Africa –

Please report back if you get to her event in Cairo: 

* Gloria Deluxe – ‟It Is Not A Question” – Alas Alack (2002) – Brooklyn, New York (USA) – Cynthia Hopkins, acc.

* Accordion Crimes – ‟New Bossa” – Accordion Crimes (2005) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada  –

Martin Du Ciel – ‟Une Lettre à Lili” – L’histoire de Max & Lili (unreleased except on youtube 2022) – Seattle, Washington State, USA

Martin Du Ciel – ‟Le Vide” – La Deuxième Chance (2022) – available on various streaming services

Martin Du Ciel – ‟Position Inconnue, en Direction du Nord” – L’histoire de Max & Lili (unreleased except on youtube 2021) – Seattle, Washington State, USA –

* Aaron Katz – ‟Lamentation for Putin’s Victims” – (Single) (2022) – San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA – ©Aaron Seeman

* Stuart Estell – ‟Yn y Gelli, ger y Daniwb” – Yn y Gelli, ger y Daniwb (2022) – Birmingham, England, UK –

“In the Grove, by the Danube” is a Welsh version of a traditional Ukrainian song

All proceeds will be given to #HelpUkraine

Thanks for reading us here (and hopefully listening to us, there), but if you find you want more, you can always keep up with us on Twitter (@AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce), Instagram (@AccordionNoirFest), and Facebook at Accordion Noir fansthe Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle (which just celebrated its 15th birthday!)  Cheers & squeeze on!

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