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Accordion Crimes episode #1 – Janet Julian – petty cash

February 22, 2022

Near the start of most weeks, I post an archival recording to demonstrate just what the weekly Accordion Noir radio broadcast was up to a decade ago. However, we have reached the point at which our recordkeeping suffered a grievous lapse, and going forward we will be weathering a substantial blank spot in our memory hole, lasting for years. But that doesn’t mean that we have nothing to share with you!

When we first began strategizing our radio program, we were inspired by Annie Proulx’s 1996 novel Accordion Crimes. How then did we wind up with the name Accordion Noir when Accordion Crimes was right there? Mike Danner of Portland got to it for the name of his podcast first, getting the jump on us by some two years! (In retrospect, the new name was definitely the way to go, as it makes us quite a bit easier to Google without having to filter out search results pertinent to the book. But bold Danner was unafraid of this fate!)

We were big on MySpace also!

The format of the show was quite narrower than ours; he would get together with a musical songwriter friend in the Portland area, and the two of them would jam the guest’s original songs with improvised accordion accompaniment. No filler, no distractions. Each episode ran about a half-hour. We learned about this podcast while surveying the accordion podcast scene around the time of our establishment, and squirreled away the recordings for use among our private reference materials. The ravages of time have not been merciful on old podcast episodes, and while you can find indications that the (long-shuttered) podcast was once a going concern, actually managing to listen to its episodes would be well-nigh impossible… if we hadn’t gotten the thumbs-up from Mr. Danner to make them available once again for accordion-loving posterity. So for a break from our accordion music podcasts, to cleanse the palate and cover for back episodes we have lost, we present to you… someone else’s accordion music podcast! You can find the first episode here, from way back in 2004. Its original blurbs follow:

Accordion Crimes Radio [was] a web-based music show hosted by the singing and accordion-playing Mike Danner. With each episode Mike sits down with a different guest; they record a batch of songs, have a chat, and invite you to listen in on the fun.

Mike Danner with Janet Julian

Janet Julian is a gifted singer, songwriter and visual artist based out of Portland, Oregon. Her expressive vocals, engaging personality, and finely crafted songs have been the heart of the acoustic group Petty Cash since the bands inception in the mid 90s. Here, she and squeezebox-playing Mike Danner sit down and bang out a grab-bag of her tunes for the web-based Accordion Crimes Radio show.

Janet’s Bandcamp page was last updated in 2012, she lost control of her personal website sometime in 2013, and her Facebook music page went silent in 2015, . I hope she’s doing all right! (Edit: I have found references to her ongoing music practice as recently as 2021, though she appears to be flying under the radar quite a bit more than a decade ago.)

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