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The Best of #AccordionBandcamp Vol. 1: 2017-2018 (Pre-COVID Benefits)

December 3, 2021

Accordion Noir Radio’s 15th Anniversary Episode last night promoted Bandcamp Friday, Dec 3rd (click here to see when it is where you are). All proceeds go to artists for 24 hours. There isn’t another digital music service that benefits musicians like that, so support them every day, and pay the bills for your favorite musicians today.

I’ve been recommending #AccordionBandcamp albums on Twitter since February of 2017 when Bandcamp donated 100% of their earnings to the ACLU to defend immigrants and refugees. They’ve regularly done the same for #BlackLivesMatter activists, so we definitely recommended people support that.

So in honor of this last first Friday of 2021, I figured we’d gather together some (We’ll see how long this gets) of our #AccordionBandcamp artists you could support today! Click on these tweets for links to where you can buy their music. Pretend you’re at a gig and picking up a CD at the merch table, but you didn’t have to pay for transportation or to get in the club, so give that to your favorite bands, or get some of the records below:

More #AccordionBandcamp recommendations are here:
The Best of #AccordionBandcamp vol 2: #BandcampFriday 2020 – Lifesaving Under the Virus!
The Best of #AccordionBandcamp Vol. 3: #BandcampFriday 2021 – With the Hope of a Vaccine!

The First #AccordionBandcamp Tweets, benifited the ACLU to protect immigrants back in 2017.

These fundraisers really felt like a small thing I could do from up here in Canada, watching everything happening in the States (I’m a dual US/Canadian citizen, so feel good or bad for both countries). Thanks to the artists for giving me such great music to recommend while supporting such good work in times that could feel pretty grim. Give these tunes a squeeze 🪗
Wow, this was 2 years before my book came out, and almost 4 years before the #AccordionEmoji. A lot’s been going on.

If we work at it, we can get #AccordionBandcamp trending, which would be worthwhile.

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