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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2021-09-15: “Music With Personality” (And don’t cut down 1,000 year old trees)

September 16, 2021
AccNoir 2021-09-15

Looking over the playlist of this week’s episode of Accordion Noir radio, I can perceive no consistent theme other than our standard “a mix of great songs representing different musical traditions from different parts of the world” — a thematic failure of the imagination of sorts, but one whose ends still justify its means. But I can see that Bruce nonetheless wants to make this episode about something timely and important, even if that important thing is not actually what the content of the episode is about.  Well, you know, we do our important work using the platform that we have. He wants you all to know that our provincial government is inadequately protecting one of the few remaining stands of old growth forest remaining on Vancouver Island, in Fairy Creek, and that the RCMP are treating the environmental activists there very cavalierly. I don’t think that last night’s radio episode is really about that, but absolutely this post is. Anyway, if your Apple or Android podcast subscriptions (strongly recommended!) haven’t alerted you to the episode’s availability yet, you can enjoy listening to it as digital audio courtesy of the Internet Archive. Here’s its playlist: (but first, a few more words from Bruce)

🪗 Activism for a Better World 🪗

🌲 The (supposedly “progressive”) government of British Columbia is backing the logging of some of the last old-growth forest in our province. Thousands of people have risked arrest in the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history. Police have violently and illegally attacked citizens, including press trying to cover the situation. Please follow this story and call for accountability. These thousand year old trees could be lost within weeks.
Please visit for updates:

Louisiana is working to recover after two hurricanes. You can help here:

Lost Bayou Ramblers is directly supporting the community Houma, Louisiana: Venmo @lostbayou-ramblers
Another Gulf Is Possible:
Feed the Second Line (support community musicians in New Orleans):

LONG TERM GOALS FOR LOUISIANA : Louisiana Solar Fund was created in response to Hurricane Ida, in order to help communities of Louisiana rebuild with sustainable infrastructure, thereby allowing them to continue their work as land stewards.

Today’s playlist: (Bruce says this is a great set)

AccNoir-2021-09-15, “Music With Personality” (And don’t cut down 1,000 year old trees)
* François Couture – ‟Terrasse Dufferin” – Ludovica (2011) – Quebec, Canada –  Andre Bouchard, acc
* Spiers & Boden (Happy Birthday 🎂 John Spiers!) – ‟Fallow Ground” – Fallow Ground (2021) – England –
* Gotan Project – ‟Panamericana” – Tango 3.0 (2010) – Paris, France –
* The Tom Fun Orchestra – ‟I’m Your Man” – single (2021) – Cape Breton Island, Canada – Press Release:
* The Gertrudes – ‟River” – Hard Water (2009) – Kingston, Ontario, Canada – Owen Fernley, acc – Hey look, the Gertrudes have a new record coming out in November! Glad I played this so I saw that:
* Gali Galó & Gabeu – ‟Na Frente Dos Bois (Clipe Oficial)” – (Video Single) (2021) – Brasil (Brazil) – (The title means “Don’t put the wagon before the oxen” meaning “be patient, that’s not how it’s done.”) Thais Andrade, acc

* Lost Bayou Ramblers – ‟French Blues (Live)” – Gasa Gasa Live (2014) – Louisiana, USA –
* Maria Kalaniemi – ‟Olin Sairas kun Luokseni Saavuit” – Maria Kalaniemi (1992) – Finland – 
* Mel Biggs – ‟Mounthills / Coleford Jig” – From Darkness Comes Light (2021) – England, UK – Interview with Mel about music, mental health, and the power of nature and place:
* Spiers & Boden – ‟Goddesses  Red House” – Fallow Ground (2021) – England –
* The Gordon Trio [Max Gordon] – ‟Whispering” – Music With Personality [Four disk album, 10-inch shellac, 78 rpm records] (1947) – Pittsburgh? New York? Not sure where they were from. – DJ Radionic Powers saved these. Donate to support their show Seasoned Beats on
* Sensorama – ‟Where The Rabbit Sleeps” – Asthmatic Worm (2002) – Germany –
* The Dixie Playboys – ‟I Think of a Day in September” – Digital Library of Appalachia (194) – Roanoke, Virginia, USA –

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