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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2011-08-24: Reggae Summer

September 6, 2021
AccNoir 201-08-24

We have fallen out of synch with our back archives, episodes churned back up and re-shared approximately ten years following their original air date.  Nonetheless, we plunge boldly onward regardless!  The only way out is through!  While my suspicion that the title “Reggae Summer” for this archival episode, number 246, may be somewhat of an overstatement… we don’t lack for boldness of vision!  At its original online home, this recording tracked some 5614 listens.  Intrepid accordion and reggae fans can continue enjoying it today as digital audio courtesy of the Internet Archive.

Here’s the playlist:

AccNoir-2011-08-24, Reggae Summer

Accordion Hallucinations!
Please come to our first event this week [only, y’know, ten years ago] as a preview for our September Accordion Noir festival: Tuesday, September 6 at 8:30pm Nyala African/Ethiopian Cuisine 4148 Main Street Vancouver, BC

* Artist – Song – Album (year) – Where are they from? – Contact info if we’ve got it.
* The Bedouin – Cruel Justice – Gun Crazy (1991) – Vancouver, BC, Canada – From Highlife Records,
* Blackberry Wood – Wayfaring Stranger – Travelling Horse Opry (2008) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Adham Shaikh – Water Prayer (Featuring Jornick) (Rastaman Vibration, Rasta Dub Mix) – Universal Frequencies (2010) – Nelson, British Columbia, Canada –
* Hinkala – Seul, Oui Mais Bien Accompagne – Sans Interdit (2007) – France –
* Play, Bayan! – Drugs – †íöèêëîïåäèÿ íà›îäíîé ìåäèöèíû [that’s supposed to be Cyrillic] (2006) – Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation –
* Heart Beat Band and others – Beacon Of Hope – The Dawn Of Peeni Waali (1991) – Switzerland, etc. – (with Linton Kwesi Johnson) –
* Linton Kwesi Johnson (and The Dennis Bovell Dub Band) – Dubbing for Life (Ian Hill, acc at 2:55 – end) – Tings an’ Times (1991) – London, England –
* Babylon Circus – Sailor’s Wife – Dances of Resistance (2005) – Lyon, France –
* Donna Zoe – Mellow Mood – Accordion Noir Festival, 2009
* Turlu Tursu – Oriental Klezmer Dub – Accordion ‘n Drum ‘n Bass (2005) – Belgium –
* Disappear Fear – Play The Music – Disappear Fear –
* Pistolera – Guerra – En Este Camino (2008) – Brooklyn, New York, USA –
* Rowan – Computer Love (Kraftwerk/Reggae Version) – live in the studio, Bruce Played his keychain with a pen.
* AbbA – Tropical Loveland – (1976) – Sweden –
* Poolside Tricks – Wine and Grine – Shedlockz (2007) – Welshpool, UK –

Tonight’s cover illustration is: the “lightning bug” cover of “The Eve of Peeni Waali”

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Thanks much,

Bruce and Rowan


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