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Jazz Accordion Solos: video series with Julien Labro

May 27, 2021

The marvelous Jazz Accordion Solo transcription videos and interviews with jazz 🪗ists are produced (semi anonymously, possibly for copyright reasons?) by French-born accordionist/bandoneonist Julien Labro.

He began in Feb 2021 with short videos showing him performing (on C-system CBA) jazz 🪗 solos along with recordings of great jazz accordionists. The musical notation Labro transcribed for each solo is seen scrolling along with the joint performances.

It’s a history lesson to see these international players whose work has often long been unavailable, and several I’d never heard of. Great stuff, and Julien is an amazing player, reflecting the styles and techniques of these quite different artists.

Recent videos have included video-chats with living jazz accordionists Richard Galliano and Gil Goldstein, which are insightful and a joy to see. Makes you wish we had interviews with all the other historical players featured. Labro has reached out to several of the other still-living players and hopefully we’ll get to hear some of their stories too.

The transcriptions are available as sheet music at:

He’s also got them available in different formats in other places like:

All the videos are viewable in series on youtube (and he’s on Facebook too). Worth watching, subscribing, and sharing them all:

I’ve really enjoyed seeing this project unfold, and very much recommend subscribing on whatever place you can. It’s the most exciting jazz accordion history I know of, and I look forward to seeing where it will go. Hopefully it will continue in some form when we’re able to play outside our houses too.

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