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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2010-09-29: Post-Fest Hangover show

September 29, 2020
AccNoir 2010-09-29


From ten years ago, here’s episode number 197 of Accordion Noir radio — a shift back into “normalcy” for us (admittedly an odd descriptor to use for a weekly alt-accordion radio broadcast, but even we have our routine) after running our festival’s grueling last-stand third instalment for over a week (resulting in no episode for that previous week!)  At its original online home, it clocked some 7033 listens, and courtesy of the Internet Archive, where it can be heard today, future generations may continue enjoying its strange and wonderful sounds.  Here’s its playlist:

AccNoir-2010-09-29, Post-Fest Hangover Show (Sept 22nd we were off at the Festival)

* Artist – Song – Album (year) – Where are they from? – Contact info if we’ve got it.
* Andy Fielding – Accordion Noir theme (medium version, 1:47) – Accordion Noir (2010) – Vancouver, BC, Canada – recorded special just for our show! More,
* Jacques Pellarin Trio – L’Ephemère – Sound of Philadelphia (200) – St. Genix sur Guiers, France –
* Dave Specter – Rumba & Tonic – Spectified (2010) – Chicago, Illinois, USA – (With David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, acc.) –
* La Strada – The Mountain Song – New Home (2010) – Brooklyn, New York, USA –
* Billy Bragg – The marching song of the covert battalions – The Internationale (2006) – United Kingdom –
* Humphery Bogart and Jennifer Jones – “It made you seem less dead.” – Beat the Devil (1954)
* Hill of Beans – Satan Lend Me a Dollar – (1990) – Los Angeles, California, USA –
* Accordion Crimes (Band name, Album name book name, so confusing. I love this band though.) – So This Accordion Walks Into A Bar… – on the Accordion Crimes album (2005) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –
* Kate Maki – Crossfire – Two Song Wedding (2010) – Sudbury, Ontario, Canada –
* The Mad Maggies – Morning Star – Skull & Magpies (2009) – San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA –
* One Ring Zero – Malthsuian Picnic – Live At Barbès (2008) – Virgina / Brooklyn, New York, USA –
* Chicha Libre – Sonido Amazonico – with Josh Camp (from One Ring Zero) on Hohner Electrovox accordion (I think that’s like a Chordovox organ accordion) – Sonido Amazonico final Master (2008) – Brooklyn, New York (USA) –
* Carson Sisters – saxophone accordion 1930s – from where did we get this Rowan? [I got nothin’.]
* Mark Berube & the Patriotic Few – Tailored To Fit – Tailored To Fit [EP] (2010) – Vancouver / Toronto, Canada –

This episode’s cover is of Geoff Berner about to be crushed by the Large Accordion Puppet which we hung above the various stages during the Accordion Noir Festival. Several smart-asses already asked why it’s not black. But then it wouldn’t show up in this picture, would it?


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