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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2010-02-26: live with Marie-Josée Houle

March 2, 2020
AccNoir 2010-02-26


From ten years ago, here’s episode 168 of Accordion Noir Radio, which we celebrated with Ottawa’s Marie-Josee Houle live in the studio.  As Bruce notes, we then helped to throw together a concert in our Pleasing Squeezing series with her and Jason Webley, so we put her to good use while she was in town!  At its original online home it accumulated some 8985 listens, and you can continue enjoying listening to it today as digital audio courtesy of the Internet Archive.

AccNoir-2010-02-26, Marie-Josée Houle (all the way from Ottawa, and that’s far.)

Come out tonight (as I post this) to see Marie-Josée, Jason Webley, The Creaking Planks, our new friend Gumshoe Banshee (see our spring-Olympics episode two weeks ago). Sun Feb 28th, at the Little Mountain Gallery, 195 E. 26th at Main, in Vancouver. It’s gonna be great!

*Artist – Song – Album (year) – Contact info if we’ve got it.
*Andy Fielding – Accordion Noir Theme! – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
*Something About Reptiles – Yemeni Baglamis Telli Basina – From Instanbul To Orangeville (2000) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Geoff Berner – Luck in Exile – Klezmer Mongrels (2009) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
*Marie-Josée Houle – Nuit Verglassante – Live in our own little Accordion Noir studios!
*Marie-Josée Houle – Car Ton Verre de Sang – Live on Accordion Noir!
* Nicolas Krassik – Sanfona Sentida / Cheirinho de Mulher (Chico Chagas, acc.) – Caçuá (2006) – Brasil –
*Marie-Josée Joule – Three Red Beads – Live on Accordion Noir!
*Marie-Josée Houle – Farewell to Lady of Broken Souls – Live on Accordion Noir!
* Jason Webley With Sxip Shirey – Cardboard Suitcase – From the limited-edition “Days With You” 7-inch single’s Bonus CD (2009) – – (We have one premium-out-of-print copy for anyone who becomes a regular donor!)
*Geoff Berner – “With Glowing Hearts” (one last time,) “The Official Theme Song of the 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Olympic Games: The Dead, Dead Children are Worth It.” –

This episode’s cover is… Marie-Josée Houle! From

——- Check for Vancouver shows and squeezing! ——-

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