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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2010-01-29: Earle Peach & Barbara Jackson, Concertinas & Finnish Metal

February 3, 2020


From ten years ago, here’s episode 164 of the weekly Accordion Noir radio program, featuring a guest concertina appearance by the local community music forces of Earle Peach and Barbara Jackson (together known as Songtree), plus some of whatever Bruce had at hand and couldn’t resist throwing on-air while it was fresh.  At its original online home this episode clocked some 8040 listens, and you can continue enjoying it today via the Internet Archive.  Here’s its playlist:

AccNoir-2010-01-29, Earle Peach & Babara Jackson, Concertinas & Finnish Metal

*Artist – Song – Album (year) – Where they’re from – Contact info.
* Bette Et Wallet – Squeegees – Voici… Bette & Wallet (2008) – –
* Daisy de Bolt – Wind Fall
* Swamp Ward Orchestra – Beanfield/Draailleraroma
* Earle Peach & Barbara Jackson – Fondez le Bois
* Swamp Ward Orchestra – Donkey Boy’s Lament
* Nemours Jean Baptiste – Contre No.7 – (0) – Haiti –
* Ramirez – Hablando (Accordeon Mix) – (0) – Haiti –
* Jean Baptiste Universal Kompas – Chanson de Nemours – (0) – Haiti –
* Earle Peach & Barbara – World Turned Upside Down (the Diggers’ Song)
* Swamp Ward Orchestra – Albert’s Song
* Daisy DeBolt – Clydesdales & Cadillacs
* Harriet Dykstra – Harriet’s Accordion PRA – Bruce Triggs’s Album (2010)
* Korpiklaani – Karhunkaatolaulu – Tervaskanto (2007) – Finland –

This episode’s cover is… Earle’s 2009 album By The Flood.


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