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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2006-10-09: Accordion Underground (, Noir, Underworld, Underwear) — Demo II

December 5, 2019
AccNoir-2006-10-09: Accordion Underground Demo II

Our weekly radio broadcast was pre-empted this week, which is fine — we log over 50 hours per year, more than 4 episodes monthly on average, and we gave up the spot to the show that follows ours, a show that has often stepped aside to allow us to accommodate guests and go into overtime.  (Sometimes the overtime is even planned 8)  But there was one little twinge of regret at giving it up, because this week would mark our 13th anniversary of first going on the air in the middle of the night.

However, for the occasion, Bruce dug deep, deep into his archives and produced this oddity: a pre-Accordion Noir episode of Accordion Noir, an unaired playlist of pretend radio that he had to make in order to demonstrate to the programming committee at our radio program that he had what it took to successfully plan and operate the required equipment for an entire hour on the air.  (And then, hopefully, for another hour a week later.  And so forth.)

Did he pass the audition?  Well, it’s been 13 years, hasn’t it?  You be the judge: would you give these weirdos an hour of airtime on your station?  Hear it for yourself!  And here’s the playlist, with annotations from Bruce:

AccNoir-2006-10-09, Accordion Underground, (…Noir, …Underworld, ….Underwear?): Demo II

I haven’t found Demo I yet, but this is the second unbroadcasted show recording we made to convince the Co-op Radio Programming Committee to let us fill an hour with accordion music every week. You can hear my voice over modulated and distorted as we worked to get the show off the ground. Luckily they trusted us to improve over time.
13 years, and 650+ episodes later…
Here’s the playlist: (url’s were probably good in 2006. We definitely met Balún and Iva Nova on Myspace…. And for gosh sakes some of them came to our Accordion Noir Festival a decade later!)
* The Bills – The Traveller – Let Em Run (2004) – Canada – “The Bill Hilly Band”
* Tummel – Jeri-ko-round – Transit (2004) – Sweden –
* Angelo Debarre et Ludovic Beier – Stomping At Decca – Come into my swing ! (2003) – Paris, France –
* Balún – I Shouldn’t Do This – While Sleeping (2004) – Puerto Rico –    “Balún are three kids from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. They are named Angélica, José and Andrés. They like to make dreamy electro-acoustic melodies for imaginary films.”
* Hossam Ramzy – Bey-Olouly Tooby – El Amar (The Moon) (2000) – Egypt, Africa – Belly Dance,  Mohsen Allaam, acc.
* Ismo Alanko Säätiö – Paha Silmä – Sisäinen Solarium (2000) – Finland – Kimmo Pohjonen, acc. Sounds like Sky Cries Mary
* The Decemberists – Oceanside – 5 Songs (2001) – Portland, Oregon, USA –
* Zetaboo – Tonto – MediZine (2000) – Finland – from Finland
* Speedy West – Sunset – Steel Guitar (1960) –  – with Billy Leibert on piano accordion
* IVA NOVA  – Rodopian Song (Bulgarian traditional) – Iva Nova  (2003) – Saint-Petersburg,  Russian Federation –
* Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana – Donde Estas Maria (Intro) / Thapsos – Thapsos (2000) – Tuscany, Italy –
* Accordion Tribe – Inte Quanta – Accordion Tribe (1998) – Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, USA, Austria –
* Sharon Shannon – Coridinio – Sharon Shannon (1993) – County Clare, Ireland – Homepage:
* Ultramarine – Bronze Eye – Folk (1989) –  –
* Philemon Arthur & The Dung – Mor anka – Musikens historia del 1 och 2 (1972) – Sweden –
LOL, I started promoting our show’s run with Philemon Arthur & The Dung (57:13). 😄
And I didn’t know how to pronounce Kimmo Pohjonen yet.
And is that how you say Billie Liebert’s name? He’s got a whole section in the chapter, “Country and Western: Cowboys and Squeezeboxes,” of my Accordion Revolution book, published only 12 1/2 years later….
Oh, and what I said about Speedy West being in Pee Wee King’s band probably isn’t right. I can’t figure out who that steel player was right now though. Hmm. (Rabbit hole) It may have been Robert “Bobby” Koefer in 1952 when Roy Ayres was a Marine in Korea, according to this forum:

Thanks for reading us here (and hopefully listening to us, there), but if you find you want more, you can always keep up with us on Twitter (@AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce), Instagram (@AccordionNoirFest), and Facebook at Accordion Noir fansthe Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle (taking place… tonight!) Cheers & squeeze on!

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