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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2019-10-09: Cats Under the Stars (for Mr. Bones)

October 9, 2019
Here’s a pic swiped from internet-land that honestly isn’t Mr. Bones. But for gosh sakes, don’t get cat hair in your accordion case!

(Rowan adds: doing so will ensure that every time your instrument visits the residence of a cat, it will become the focal point of a great deal of territorial scrutiny.)

Every month it seems like a holdout from the Golden Age of the accordion finally shakes their last bellow and passes on; we have no shortage of opportunities for memorial episodes. But this week was different, a death in the family:

If you haven’t already been alerted through your podcast subscriptions (AppleGoogle Play), you can find this week’s episode at the Internet Archive. Here’s its feline-tastic playlist:

* Miss Murgatroid – Catatonia – Methyl Ethyl Key Tones (1993) – Portland, Oregon, USA –
* Sharon Shannon – The Bag of Cats – Spellbound – The Best of Sharon Shannon (1996) – County Clare, Ireland –
* Blackberry Wood – Love Cats – Travelling Horse Opry (2008) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Ed Cox – Cool Cats – Hardcordian (0) – Cambridge, England, United Kingdom –
* Bubba Hernandez & Alex Meixner – Bad Cat Polka – Polka Freak Out (2007) – Texas, usa –
* Chango Spasiuk – Dark Cat – The Charm Of Chamame (2002) – Argentina –
* West My Friend – The Cat Lady Song – When The Ink Dries (2014) – Vancouver Island, BC, Canada –
* Gebhard Ullmann – Black Cat – TA LAM Zehn Vancouver Concert (2000) – Germany, Canadian production! – w/ Hans Hassler, accordion
* Whiskey & Women – Tomcat – Buttons & Bows (2012) – Oakland, CA, USA –
* 3 Leg Torso – The Cat and the Rooster – 3 Leg Torso (2003) – Portland, Oregon, USA –
* Norm Hacking & Kirk Elliott – When Cats Go Wrong – Orange Cats Make the Very Best Friends (2004) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada  – Cynthia Nugent, ill.  (Rowan liked this one.)
* Cirkestra – Cat And Fox Tango – Adventure Di Pinocchio (2005) – Massachusetts, USA –
* À Qui Avec Gabriel – Neko To Tsuki (Cats And The Moon – Dear Little Creatures) – Utsuho (2001) – Japan –

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