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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2009-09-25: Silliness with Willow Rutherford

October 7, 2019


From ten years ago, here’s episode 147 of our weekly alt-accordion radio program Accordion Noir, featuring a live visit from Ontarian songwriter Willow Rutherford.  At its original online home, it logged a total of some 8981 listens, and we are sure it will meet or beat that high-water mark at its new online home courtesy of the Internet Archive.  And now… here’s its playlist:

AccNoir-2009-09-25, Silliness with Willow Rutherford

(I posted the wrong show! Here’s the right one. Thanks to Bob, our quality-control adviser from 4700 miles-away in London.)

* Artist – Song – Album (year?) – Where are they from? – contact.
* Nortec Collective Presents Bostich+Fussible – Brown Bike – Tijuana Sound Machine (2008) – –
* Willow Rutherford – Dirty Old Man (live in the Accordion Noir studios!) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –
* Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra – Moten’s Blues – Squeeze Me 1: 1929-40 Accordion Joe (1929) –
* Willow Rutherford – Anchor (live in the Accordion Noir studios! Isn’t that a pretty song?) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –
* Wendy McNeill – Lutetia – A Dreamer’s Guide to Hardcore Loving (2008) – Sweden/Canada –
* Calamity Royale (Willow’s sister!) – Trouble Brewing – Toronto, Ontario, Canadia –
* Ronley Teper – Faith – Toronto, Ontario-io-io, Canada –
* Willow Rutherford – Old Men Knitting Sweaters (live in the Accordion Noir studios with no minor-chord buttons!) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –
* Leon Sash – I Remember Newport (from the 1967 album of the same name) – There is simply not enough information available about this great jazz player. I learned about him from Sander Jeijnens’ beautiful book/CD The Giulietti Sound (2008) –
* ESL – Secretariat – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada–
* Ironico Orchestra – Pasegiata One – Montréal, Québec
Canada –

This episode’s cover is: Willow in the House!

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