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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2019-08-28: Back on Track with Celso Piña

August 29, 2019

Your longtime regular host Bruce Triggs has been away on a grand adventure (or at least, off the air) for over a month now, not since Joana Reis’ visit Jul 25th. You’ve all been very kindly humouring my guest hosting of the weekly Accordion Noir radio program, but we all understand it’s simply not the same without Bruce. I just play music, but where are the wildly rambling diatribes about hitherto unimagined dimensions of accordion historiography? Anyhow, Bruce is back in full effect, positively bloated on travel stories and music tips picked up during his book tour down the West Coast. All that plus a commemoration of Mexican cumbia phenomenon Celso Piña , who died last week. You can hear it all by following this link, thanks to our friends at the Internet Archive. Here’s this week’s playlist:

AccNoir-2019-08-28, Back on Track with Celso Piña

* Celso Piña – El Tren (Mr. Cumbia Man) – Mundo Colombia (2002) 
* Celso Piña – Cumbia Poder (con El Gran Silencio) – Barrio Bravo (2001) – Monterrey, Nuevo León, México –ña
* Durhey (Kenneth Moodie) – Fez Dispenser – “Pawn shop accordion 303 twiddlin’ attention-deficit toytown junglism.” (1998) – the interwebs (reposted in 2006) –
* Henry Threadgill & Make A Move – 100 Year Old Game – Where’s Your Cup? (1996) – Chicago, Illinois, USA –  Tony Cedras, acc.
* Le Vent Du Nord – Entre ciel et terre – Tetu (2015) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada –
* Chumbawamba – Add Me – The Boy Bands Have Won (2008) – UK –
* Hey, Wow – Pour boire, il faut vendre – 1974-1979 (2019) – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada –
* Mosquito Cabaret – Rats Of The Revolution – The Secret Life of Insects (2019) – Norfolk, Virginia, USA –  Miles Hoyle, acc.
* Pere Ubu – What I Heard On The Pop Radio [cuts off] – The Long Goodbye (2019) – Cleveland, Ohio, USA –  David Thomas, melodeon

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