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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2009-05-15: What the heck is the theme of this show? Good though, eh?

June 4, 2019
AccNoir 2009-05-15


From a bit over ten years ago, here’s this week’s archival episode, number 129, of Accordion Noir radio, which we somehow neglected to unleash upon the masses yesterday as per our usual schedule.  In keeping with Bruce’s original comments about the show’s theme (or lack thereof), there’s nothing much to say about the program’s contents, except that they appear to all be awesome songs and there’s a whole show-and-a-half’s worth of them — 90 minutes!  At its original online home, it accumulated some 11376 listens, and we hope it also sees brisk trade through the investigations of online listeners at its new online home at the Internet Archive — so go give it a listen!   Here’s its playlist:

AccNoir-2009-05-15, What the heck is the theme of this show? It’s good though, eh? (Sorry it took so long to post, it’s been busy and I kinda forgot it.)

Artist — Song – Album (Date) – sources?

De Amsterdam Klezmer Band – De Vuurvreter Van Sassari – De Amsterdam Klezmer Band (2003) – Amsterdam, the Netherlands –
Janet Klein And Her Parlor Boys – Sous Les Toits de Paris (orig. 1930) – Paradise Wobble (2000) – Los Angeles, California, USA –
The Thin Man – Marching Through the House of Love with Dirty Boots – Greasy Heart (2005) – Chicago, Illinois, USA – www.
The Tower of Dudes – Jr High School Man – The Tower of Dudes (2008) – Prague, Czech Republic –
Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra – Mollendo Cafe – Victoria, BC, Canada –
Bette & Wallet – Minister’s Daughter – Quebec / Nova Scotia
Canada –
Guro von Germeten – Circus Song – Demo CD (2008) – the Norwegian “Accordion Siren” with the Red Accordion –
Mucca Pazza – Coat Czech – A Little Marching Band (2006) – Chicago, USA –
Jeff Andrews – Cambie & Cordova – Vagabonds & Wastrels (2008) – Victoria, BC, Canada –
Dick Contino – Lady of Spain – Legends of the Accordion
The Carnivaleros – Dyin’s – Happy Homestead (2009) – Tucson, Arizona, USA –
The Rats And People – Mines And Pantries – The City Of Passersby (2007) – St. Louis, Missouri, USA –
Bette & Wallet – Squeegees – Quebec / Nova Scotia
Canada –
Tequila mockingbird Orchestra – Lock All My Love – Victoria, BC, Canada –
Guignol – Salt Chunk Mary Fight Song – Guignol (2004) – Brooklyn, New York (USA) – Franz Nicolay played accordion on this!
The Weather Station – Nothing I’ve Seen (Tamara Lindeman, acc.) – The Line (2009) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada –
Janet Klein And Her Parlor Boys – Fairy On The Clock (orig. 1929) – Put A Flavor To Love (2002) – –

This episode’s cover is: Bette & Wallet


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