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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2009-01-16: Lars Hollmer tribute

January 28, 2019


From sliiiightly over ten years ago, here’s episode 111 of Accordion Noir radio, a tribute to the life of Swedish musician (and Accordion Tribe member) Lars Hollmer.  At its original online home it racked up some 11357 listens, presumably mostly by distraught Swedes, and you can enjoy it going forward as digital audio hosted at the Internet Archive.  Here’s its playlist:

Accordion Noir: Playlist: January 16th, 2009, Lars Hollmer Tribute

Artist — Song – Album (Year) – Place of Origin – Contact/Distribution (also see below)
Lars Hollmer – Endlich Ein Zamba – XII Sibiriska Cyklar (1981)
Lars Hollmer – Augustins Tema – Utsikter (2001)
Lars Hollmer and Fanfare Pourpour – Pompen – Lars et Pourpour 1 (2007) – Sweden, Canada –
Lars Hollmer – Denglad – Utsikter (2001)
Lars Hollmer and Fanfare Pourpour – Circus I-II – Lars et Pourpour 1 (2007) – Sweden, Canada
Sola – Växeltango – Lars Hollmer’s Global Home Project (2002)
Lars Hollmer – Franska Valsen – Vandelmässa (1995)
Lars Hollmer – Sometime – Vandelmässa (1995)
Accordion Tribe – Boeves Psalm – Accordion Tribe (1998) – Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, USA, Austria –
Lars Hollmer – Videpiano – Andetag (1997)
Accordion Tribe – Utflykt M. Damcykel – Accordion Tribe (1998)
Sola – Arioso Nearaway – Lars Hollmer’s Global Home Project (2002)
Accordion Tribe – Inte Quanta – Accordion Tribe (1998)
Sola – Yrsa requem – Lars Hollmer’s Global Home Project (2002)

This episode’s cover is Lars (I wish I had a picture of him and that dog there.)

Not as polished a production as I’d like, but I hope the beauty of Lars’ music makes up for my mistakes. Maybe he’d laugh over them?

Very nice career summery if you enter Lars Hollmer on: I couldn’t get on there today, but they connect to a bunch of his records too.

The empty Chicken House:
Accordion Tribe;

Good place where I originally got some of these recordings:


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