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All I Want for Christmas is… an Accordion

December 19, 2018

Tonight’s episode of Accordion Noir Radio will feature my latest concoction, a scrambling of Mariah Carey’s exuberant “All I want for Christmas” run through a MIDI converter and then “played” by the “accordion instrument” in Garageband.

I got the idea from this fabulous example (they used a piano, which sounds less sloshy (?) than the fake accordion – more like a mad player-piano.

Damn Festive. (Oh, and it’s really long. There’s no real reason to put yourself through the second two minutes.)

Shaky camera, bad lighting with of a string of fairy lights, one particular accordion angel tchotchke with intense little eyebrows. Now I want to film it all over again and make it less annoying, but I suppose that’s kind of the point. Wish I’d included a pull-back of the whole enchanted cabinet of knick-knacks lit by sparkly lights. Maybe in the sequel.

Accordion Knick-Knack Shelf

Go make a holiday donation to support Accordion Noir on Co-op Radio in Vancouver.

It’s a real-live community radio station that let’s us play accordion music every Wednesday Night from 10-11 pm for the last twelve years! So go drop some cash, and then go convert your favorite carols like this and share them with us.

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