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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2018-12-12: TC Costello and the 2nd Swamp Rabbit Squeezebox Festival

December 12, 2018

swamp rabbit

TC Costello is a gigging, touring working musician who also keeps up with our weekly broadcasts and has been inspired by our reports of our side projects into the world of accordionic event production — so much so that last year, as you may recall, he undertook a trial run of an alt-accordion festival in his own neck of the woods in South Carolina.  As I said to Bruce earlier today, he’s kind of the praxis of our program’s theory.  But I digress.  His festival last year went off well enough that he decided to give the Swamp Rabbit Squeezebox Festival another go, and year two takes place this Friday night at the Radio Room in Greenville.   Plans to host him as a live phone guest on this week’s episode were derailed by a couple hard days getting everything set up for the fest, but we were able to get our hands on recordings from some of the acts scheduled to perform there.  If you’re in the area, it’s well worth checking out!  Also on tonight’s playlist, we celebrate a couple of Distinguished Accordionist birthdays — Jenny Conlee and John J. Kimmel.  Oh yes, and here’s the link you click on in order to download it!  Now I’m going to punch up this post with a couple of TC Costello’s well-executed memes promoting his festival, then give you this episode’s playlist:


AccNoir-2018-12-12, TC Costello’s 2nd Swamp Rabbit Squeezebox Festival

* Black Prairie – Annie McGuire – Feast Of The Hunters’ Moon (2010) – Portland, Oregon, USA –
* Crystal Bright – Forest of Dreams – Dividing Me – North Carolina, USA –
* Miss Mousie & The Rigamarole – Dumpsters & Divebars – Best Laid Plans (2013) –
* Wasted Wine – The Post Office – Wasted Wine vs. The Hypnosis Center (2015) –
* T.C. Costello – Draggin’ my Corpse by its Stump of a Neck – Horizon Songs – Greenville, South Carolina, USA –
* The Cog is Dead – The Death of the Cog – DeLand, Florida, USA –
* Miss Mousie & The Rigamarole – Contig.Saltarello – Best Laid Plans (2013) –
* Christian Maes – Fitzmaurice Polka – John J. Kimmel – Un Héritage Fabuleux – [[Disc 1]] – Production RO 001 (2010) – USA / Ireland / Quebec, Canada – Piano, Denis Pépin.
* Bill Mankiss – I’m Beginning To See The Light – Bill Mankiss CFGM Rhythmaires – Canada – LIVE Radio Broadcast from the 60’s
* The Joe – A Visit With Grandma Ellen – UT OH – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – With the fire-rescue accordion! Joe’s wife Betheny plays in Jaded Hipster Choir and is studying accordion.
* Crystal Bright – The End – Dividing Me – North Carolina, USA –



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