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Accordion Noir Interview with Krist Novoselić

October 22, 2018

krist-novoselic-600-2Accordion Noir Radio is excited to present this interview with accordionist Krist Novoselić (who we’ve covered before) of Giants in the Trees, Foo Fighters, and Nirvana. We talked with Krist about playing accordion in rock groups, especially his new Giants in the Trees band, who have a great record out. You should get it.

You can listen to the Krist Novoselić Interview here:


album.gitt.self-titledThis is a 20 minute “mini-episode” of Accordion Noir that will broadcast on various Co-op Radio shows during their Fall Membership Drive (going on right now! donate with the link to the right.) We will play it on Accordion Noir at some point, but this week we’re dropping our long-awaited Accordion Hip-Hop Special (Wed. Oct 24, 10-11 PM) so for gosh sakes don’t miss that!

We talked with Krist about accordions but also about his work for voting reform in the US, and his opinion about British Columbia’s Proportional Representation Referendum (Oct 22-Nov 30).

Proportional Representation:

The BC provincial page has many videos and the full guide to how the Pro-Rep Referendum will work. This is the basic video about it:

When you’ve decided the best way to vote, you can check out Seattle’s Petosa Accordions where Krist got his Artisan accordion. Ain’t that a beaut?!

Beauty accordion with a shiny celluloid/plastic shell that fades from black to brown in a sunburst.

Petosa’s Sweet Artista Accordion like Krist plays

Travelling With Your Accordion:

At the end of the accordion section of the interview Krist mentions breaking his accordion when it got dropped. You don’t want this to happen! Accordion repairs are expensive. I made a page about Packing/Shipping/Travelling with your accordion with tips on avoiding the horror and embarrassment of arriving at a gig with your squeezebox looking like this:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Special Guest: Anne Niepold from Belgium:

Finally, when you’ve got Krist’s Giants in the Trees record, you should jump over to Belgium and check out Anne Niepold, who’s album Monochromatic has a cover of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit on folk accordion that’s wicked cool. (I included it as the last fade-out track on the end of the interview above.) All her music is amazing. Here she is jamming on a totally non-Nirvana track that happens to be called “Nevermind.” Just the kind of thing we’d play on Accordion Noir.


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  1. October 22, 2018 2:45 pm

    very enjoyable. Krist abides. He is the type of influence Accordion has needed for a long time. his new band is utmost.

    • October 22, 2018 7:30 pm

      It was very fun to talk accordions and politics with Krist. Giants is a cool band, I hope they play up in Vancouver soon!


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