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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2008-10-10: with Debra Peters

October 15, 2018
AccNoir 2008-10-10

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Ten years ago we were airing an episode of Accordion Noir radio, just like we’ve been doing every week since!  Here’s an archival show from ten years back, episode number 96, featuring a guest appearance from Debra Peters out of Austin, Texas!  At its original online home this recording was enjoyed some 2918 times; now we hope that folks will continue enjoying it over at the Internet Archive.  Here’s its playlist:

Accordion Noir: Playlist: Oct 10, 2008, with Debra Peters from Austin, Texas!

Artist — Song – Album (date) – Origin – Label/Contact info

The Iguanas – Back In The Limelight – If You Should Ever Fall On Hard Times (2008) – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA –
Debra Peters – Viva Slim – 10 Songs for $10 (2005) – Austin, Texas, USA –
Debra Peters And The Love Saints – Paris France – Twisted Love (1993) – Austin, Texas, USA –
Augie Meyers – Open Up Your Heart – Alive At Lake Taco (0) – San Antonio, Texas, USA –
Debra Peters – Tumbleweed – Twisted Love (1993) – Austin, Texas, USA –
Debra Peters – Jesusita & Viva Seguin – Roland Girl (0) – Austin, Texas, USA –
Debra Peters And The Love Saints – Goodbye Baby Goodbye – Twisted Love (1993) – Austin, Texas, USA –
Los Super Seven y Flaco Jeménez – Las Norteñitas – Los Super Seven (1998) – Texas (& etc) – Joel Guzman, acc
Steve Jordan – Soy De Tejas – 20 Golden Hits (0) – –
R.C. Banks – Chanky Chank Man – Chanky Chank Man (0) – –
Jack Velker – Watch That Dog – Mojo Zydeco – Live (2006) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
Debra Peters – Zydeco Shuffle (Mix 2) – (0) – Austin, Texas, USA –
Mark Berube – Alarms Pt 2 – What the Boat Gave the River (2008) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada –
Debra Peters – Second Line – Love Saints (1997) – Austin, Texas, USA –

This episode’s cover is Debra Peters’ “ABC’s of Accordion” DVD

Another quicker podcast attempt. Quantity and timeliness probably trump perfectionism. Hope you enjoy.

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