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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2008-10-03: Gospel Train Fill-in

October 12, 2018


From way, way back ten years ago, here’s an archival episode of Accordion Noir Classic — episode number 95!  In all the confusion of the autumn, we’ve somehow fallen a couple of weeks behind from our “exactly ten years ago” schedule, but the happy thing is that it’s very easy for us to get caught up again simply by posting one of these.  For reasons we cannot entirely recall, our schedule neighbours at the Gospel Train show filled in for us one week and gave us the best accordion radio program (pretty darned good!) they could come up with.  See, it’s not just for trained professionals!  At its original online home it was enjoyed some 3374 times, and we hope that future generations of accordion fans continue listening to it up at its new online home at the Internet Archive.  Here’s its playlist:

Accordion Noir: Playlist: Oct 03, 2008, Marc Lindy and Ray Bolen from the Gospel Train fill-in during our Festival Fundraiser. They mispronounce things as well as we do!

Artist — Song – (Etc. I don’t have all the info on this episode, ask if you get stuck.)
Astor Piazzolla – Tanguedia III
Chris Gafney – Sugar Bee
Geoff Berner – My Dad’s a Lawyer
Creaking Planks – Dead Man’s Pants
Amy Denio – Petunia
Accordion Tribe – Spinning Jenny
Les Yeux Noirs – Calusul – Izvoara (1997) – from France – Playing Cap University, Jan 18. – /
Esteban (Steve) Jordan – Vuela la Paloma
Los Lobos – Corrido #1
Ana Bon-Bon – Live the Life I Sing About in my Song (by Thomas Dorsey, who knew?) – Bare Naked Blues (2008) –
Tom Russell – The Rose of the San Juaquín
Rockin’ Sidney – Don’t Mess With My Toot-Toot
Clifton Chenier – Zydeco Stomp

This episode’s cover is the cover of Mulehead’s “The Gospel Accordion Vol 2.” I gotta get this record, even if it only has accordion in the title.

Thanks for reading us here (and hopefully listening to us, there), but if you find you want more, you can always keep up with us on Twitter (@AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce), Instagram (@AccordionNoirFest), and Facebook at Accordion Noir fansthe Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle.  Cheers & squeeze on!

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