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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2018-07-25: No Subtitle Needed

July 26, 2018


For at least a decade Bruce has been qualifying episodes of Accordion Noir radio with little descriptive blurbs, but for the first time in a long time, he omitted to include one.  I suspect the motivating factor was an unplanned last-minute change of plans regarding how the music was going to get from his vast collection to out over the station’s broadcast antenna — no time to be cute, hustling to keep things moving smoothly here!  But of course, after all this time, he’s a seasoned veteran (I was going to say “professional”, but of course Co-op radio being what it is, the amateur, unpaid variety of professional) and had a good Plan B at his disposal.  And now look, there he has come up with a subtitle after all in the playlist he eventually passed my way after his heart stopped pounding from all the excitement.  Is he suggesting I’m just spinning you a tall tale?  In any event, in case you missed the show’s original broadcast time last night (or just want to enjoy it again), you can hear it again (and again!) as digital audio served up at the Internet Archive. Actually, though it never occurred to me, we should be able to serve the episode up in a little player widget right here in this post. Let’s give it a shot:

Looks good to me! Any comments? Either which way, here’s what you have waiting ahead of you:

AccNoir-2018-07-25, Julying To You

* Lucy Schneider & Claudio De Pumadas – Allons A Grand Coteau – Sweets & Hots (2006) –
* Foy Willing & The Riders Of The Purple Sage – Avalon – from Kevin Coffey’s collection (194?) – Los Angeles, California, USA – (Bud Sievert, acc.)
* Below The Salt – Splinter In The Sky – West Coast Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar 2010 (2009) – Bisbee, Port Townsend , Washington, USA –
* La Bottine Souriante – Chapeau – En Spectacle (1996) – Quebec, Canada –
* Clifton Chenier – Rockin’ Hop – Louisiana Swamp Blues (1954) – Bogalusa, Louisiana, USA – This is Chenier’s first recordings, on KAOK radio in Lake Charles, LA.
* Joaquin Diaz – El Serrucho – Merengue Mas Merengue (0) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Republica Dominicana –
* Alfred Montmarquette – Boston-american set : 3ème fig – Digital Gramophone, Library and Archives Canada (1929) – Montréal, Québec, Canada – ©
* Copper Box – Irish Washerwoman – People Change (2011) – Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA –
* I.K. Dairo – Iyawl Oniwa Kiwa – Juju Master (0) – Nigeria, West Africa – Isaiah Kehinde Dairo
* Raynald Ouellet – Medley Of German Polkas – John J. Kimmel – Un Héritage Fabuleux – [[Disc 2]] – Production RO 001 (2010) – USA / Ireland / Quebec, Canada – Piano, Denis Pépin.
* Duo Milla Viljamaa & Johanna Juhola – Mieskeijut (Male Fairies) – Tango Diary (2013) – Finland –
* Deux Accords Diront – Papillons – Gardadvergur (2006) – Belgium – Anne Niepold & Aline Pohl
* Regis Gizavo – Mikea – Mikea (1996) – Madagascar, Africa – Label: Indigo
* Natasha Enquist – Summer Bird – Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar 2017 (2016) – –
* Reeltime – Sile – Song Of The Green Linnet [Disc 1] (0) – – Luke Daniels, acc.

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