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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2008-05-30: Tarkin Take Two

May 28, 2018


Ten years ago this week (hey, Bruce, did you ever get around to returning that Sharon Shannon album you borrowed?) we aired Accordion Noir Radio episode number 78, a live tribute to the fresh-faced local folkies of Tarkin (as in “Grand Moff”) celebrating the release of their swan song recording “Charming to the Last”.  (And yes, it is a Star Wars reference.  They might have disappointed a lot of filkers with their faithful and straightforward approach to folk music!)  At its original online home it was enjoyed some 3315 times, and going forward we hope future listeners will get a kick out of it at its new online home at the Internet Archive, available into perpetuity as digital audio.  To entice you, here’s the episode’s track listing:

Artist — Song – Album (date) – Origin – Label/Contact info:

Great Big Sea – Tishialuk Girls – The Hard & the Easy (2005, their ninth album!) – Cape Breton, Newfoundland, Canada –
Enoch Kent – Jamie Raeburn – One More Round (2008) – He’s playing the Vancouver Island Musicfest, July 11-13!
Tarkin – The Oda G (by Stanley Triggs) – Live at Co-Op Radio May 30, 2008
Les Cowboys Fringants – Intro/Les Étoiles Filantes – La Grand-Messe (2004) –
Tarkin – The Snow Song (by Amanda Ruel) – Live at CFRO
Tarkin – Parlez-Nous à Boire (by Dewey Balfa) – Exécuté à CFRO
Nathen – Big Galoot – Jimson Weed (2004) – Winnipeg, Canada –
Jelena Milojevic – Kuusisto, Hymns 1st Movement – Croatia / Vancouver, Canada – She’s going to teach at Vancouver Community College starting in September. Cool!
Tarkin – The Minto (traditional protest song) – Live and traditional
Geoff Berner – Song Written in a Romanian Hospital – Whiskey Rabbi (2005) –
Sharon Shannon – Glentown – Sharon Shannon (1993) – (I “borrowed” this from Tarkin’s Vanessa Kay, remind me to give it back.)


This episode’s “cover” is from Tarkin’s new album: Charming to the Last.

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