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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2017-12-13: Dia De Diciembre

December 20, 2017


Accordion Noir works like a well-oiled machine (you know the kind; tight bellows and leathers) as long as all the pieces fire in the correct sequence… but if a step is skipped and we leave the radio station without a recording of the episode in hand (and where else would we have to be going at 11:30 pm, exactly?) it can take some time to obtain the recording again.  This is no hurdle for our local live listeners, but for the international listenership… you’ve had to wait for a week for a chance to enjoy this episode, so we hope you enjoy the opportunity at last!  You can download it over here, and here is its playlist.  (And within a couple of days, we’ll also have tonight’s episode coming on up for your further enjoyment.)  Cheers!

AccNoir-2017-12-13, Dia De Diciembre

* Amy Denio – Prostrate Before A Periwinkle – The Big Embrace (2017) – Seattle, Washington, USA –
* Geoff Berner – When Chanukah Comes To Town – We Are Going To Bremen To Be Musicians (2015) – Vancouver, BC, Canada –
* Jeszcze Raz – Swetlana – Balagane (2001)
* Jenny Conlee – Jenny Conlee, 100.5 stinger – (2012) – Portland, Oregon –
* Black Prairie – Let Me Know Your Heart – Fortune (2014) – Portland, Oregon, USA –
* Bob Skyles & His Skyrockets – Slap It Shake It – Bob Skyles & His Skyrockets 1937-1940 (0) – Pecos, Texas, USA –
* Jason Webley – Back To The Garden – Against The Night (1999) – Edmonds, Washington, USA –
* The Irish Heather Sessions – T-Shirt In Winter Boys – In The Heather (2002) – Vancouver, BC, Canada – Amy Stephen, acc.
* Jayme Stone – Boatsman – Jayme Stone’s Folklife (2017) – – Moira Smiley, acc.
* Blind Jesse Harris – Meridian Jailhouse – African American Accordion (1937) – Shuqualak, Mississippi, USA (recorded in Livingston, Alabama) – Compiled by Jared Snyder. Originally solicited by Ruby Pickens Tartt, recorded by John Lomax.
* Juliette Daum – Mrs. Winter’s Jump – Juliette Et Le Concertina (2006) – France/Wisconsin –
* Colacho Mendoza and Ivo Díaz – El Amor Amor – 100 Años De Vallenato (Disc 1) (0) – Colombia –
* Compassion Gorilla – The Sun Was Coming Up – Coalesce (2017) – Victoria, BC, Canada – Marley Daemon, acc.
* Raynald Ouellet – Kimmble March – John J. Kimmel – Un Héritage Fabuleux – [[Disc 1]] – Production RO 001 (2010) – USA / Ireland / Quebec, Canada – Piano, Denis Pépin.
* Art Van Damme Quintet – Stars Fell On Alabama – On the Road (1968) – USA, Recorded in Germany – Swinging The Accordion On MPS (Mostly Perfect Sound) Compilation


Thanks for reading us here (and hopefully listening to us, there), but if you find you want more, you can always keep up with us on Twitter (@AccordionNoir and @AccordionBruce), Instagram (@AccordionNoirFest), and Facebook at Accordion Noir fansthe Accordion Noir Festival, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle. Cheers & squeeze on!

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