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Accordion Revolution Book Chapters

December 9, 2017

Skip to the bottom for Chapter Drafts.

Bruce here:  I’m closing in on publishing my long-rumoured book Accordion Revolution: the Squeezebox Heart of American Popular Music.



The book is a “peoples’ history” of the accordion, about artists who shaped pop music but were forgotten because of the instrument they played: American immigrants, blues icons, jazz titans, country stars, the highest-paid player in vaudeville, and the “first” rock ’n’ roll band. It’s the music we hear every day, with the accordion track restored for an entirely new mix.

The book took more than five years to write. Now comes the final editing, then an awesome cover, production and distribution. Once it’s released – perfect gift for your favourite accordion fan! (Or your favourite music fan who may well become an accordion fan.)
Starting today I’m sharing chapters that are close to their final version. Over the next few months, I’ll release these drafts to readers, hoping for feedback and corrections. Reader/editors will be mentioned in the final book (if they want). Those who find typos will earn a coveted accolade like, “bellows-leak finder” or “reed-tuners.” (Taking suggestions for better accolades).

Note on the text: This is the heavily annotated version. I plan a “readers” version that will simply remove all the notes. If you see a note that should be included in the main text, mention that. All comments welcome, from typos and misspellings to more substantive suggestions for content improvement.

Thanks to all friends and supporters. The acknowledgements in this book are going to be huge.


Draft Chapters:

Accordion Revolution Part 1 (Chap 1-2)DECEMBER 9, 2017



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