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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2007-10-05: Circus, Utopia, and a Stairway to Snakebite

October 2, 2017

7679d5b90f16e21ebb53d725e1e7287eClimb back aboard the time train, friends — it’s travelling just as quickly forward as we are here in the present, but ten years behind in lockstep synch!  That’s right, today we share with you Accordion Noir Radio episode number 44 from October 5th, 2007.  It was listened to a completely average 3902 times at its original online host and we hope that it continues being enjoyed into the future at the Internet Archive, where you can listen to it today!  And to best help you understand what you’re hearing… here’s its playlist!

Bruce here. Rowan Gone. Circus, Utopia, and a Stairway to Snakebite.

Artist — Song — Album (Date) — Origin — label/contact if known

Cirkestra — Charivari — Alice (2004) — Massachusetts, USA —
Tactless Pagans — Personal Lubricant — (2007) — USA/German — , (Thanks for correcting that bum link Bernd Buerklin, electro-distortion accordionator for the Tactless PagAns!)
Dandelion Junk Queens — Te Aro — Black Hearts and Red Balloons — Bellingham, WA, USA —
Jeremy Stewart — Evening Song — Jeremy Stewart (2007) — Prince George, BC, Canada —
Kimmo Pohjonen — Utopia — Uumen (with Eric Champard, 2005) — Finland/France —
Bellowhead — Hopkinsons’ Favorite — Burlesque (2006) — UK —
Gunshea (with Rowan!) — GunBellowsJamEdit2 — (2007) — Canada (upcoming release)
The Serfs — Stairway to Motzart Polka — Live on Local Motives on WMPG in Portland Maine (2004) —
Polkacide — Elilia Polka — 2/4 Hardcore (1999) — San Francisco, Ca, USA —
Gubbish — Fake Glossolalia — Notations in Tonation (2004) — USA —
Terror of Tiny Town (Geoff Berner’s old band) — Adolescent Services — ‘Cause I’m Worth It (1997, I don’t think this record is still available) — British Columbia, Canada —
Chango Spasiuk — Dark Cat — The Charm Of Chamame (2003 compilation) — Argentina —
Ana Bon Bon — Snake Bite — Bare Naked Blues (2007) — British Colombia, Canada —

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