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Accordion Noir radio playlist 2007-04-29: Latin American Accordion Fundraiser Special

May 11, 2017


Two days after our final regular late-night broadcast (odd how he keeps qualifying that, isn’t it?), we were back on the air for the 22nd time, in another time slot that also wasn’t our regular time slot… doing a special daytime preview in conjunction with our fellow CFRO radio program “Rhumbamerica” to help demonstrate to our new pre-midnight audiences a new show they might tune into.  Making things even more exciting, broadcasting on during daystar hours put us in a position to host our first ever live guests on the show: Doug Schmidt on bandoneon with Martin Nemkovsky on guitar.  At its original web host this very Latinx playlist was enjoyed 12984 times, and we hope that future generations of the accordion-curious will go on to enjoy it at its new host at the Internet Archive.  Our apologies — the playlist falls apart a little toward the end, but the excellent music continues all the way through!  Enjoy!

Accordion Noir: Playlist: April 29, 2007
Latin American Accordion Special
CFRO Co-op Radio in Vancouver, BC, Canada
102.7 FM Daytime Special! for web-streaming worldwide.

Artist, Song, Album, Origin, Date

?? end of rhumbamerica’s set
0. Jea P. – Latinos Unidos

1. Balun – Something Comes Our Way – #7 Snol
2. J. Lo – Te Voy Querer
3. Pistolera – Siempre Hay Salida – La Espera
4. Steve Jordan – Polkas Huapangos y Redovas – Polkaplex
5. Chango Spasiuk – The Charm of Chamame’- Improvisation for the Hoshiuv Virgin
6. La Chicana – tango agazapado – Chamarrita del chama’n
7. King Chango – Revolution/Cumbia Reggae
8. Rene’ Marino Rivero – Bandoneon Pure: Dances of Uruguay – Milonga que peina canas
9. Peregrino – La hora mas oscura (Argentina)
10. Eva Ybarra – Unforgettable Romance – La Ricachona
11. Dino Saluzzi – Todos los Recuerdos
12. Doug Schmidt + Martin Nemkovsky – La Punalada (Pintin Castellano)
13. Doug Schmidt + Martin Nemkovsky – Cafe 1930 (Astor Piazzolla)
14. Rudi et Nini Flores – Chamame’: Musique de Corrientes – Lucero de abril
15. Julieta Venegas – Otoro Sol
16. Nortec Collective – Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3 – Almada
17. El Tombour de la Tribu – te necesito
18. Rob Cutro’s Forro For All – Dois nordestes / roseira do nortes
19. Gotan Project – Domingo
20. Cumbias y Gaitas Famosas de Colombia – Vol 1 – Santo Domingo
Still a little rough here…lo siento.

Los de Abajo – Cybertropic Chilango Power – Joder

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